OSHA Training Company Offers High School CTE Students Free Online OSHA Training Courses

Career and Technology Ed Teachers Invited to Take Advantage of Free Online OSHA Training Program


‚ÄčOSHA Training Services Inc. is setting up free online OSHA training schools for interested high school Career/Technology Education teachers, through which their students can access several free online OSHA training courses. Curtis Chambers, President of OSHA Training Services Inc., says the four online courses offered are valuable for students when seeking jobs in many different industries, including, but not limited to, manufacturing, service industries, agriculture, and construction.

The four free online OSHA training courses being offered are:

  • Introduction to OSHA - Basic Level - 1-hour course
  • Hazard Communication Training for General Industry or Construction (school or student choice) - 1.5-hour courses
  • Fire Protection and Fire Prevention - 1-hour course
  • Appendix D Training for Voluntary Users of Dust Masks - 30-minute course

These OSHA training courses are all online, come with note packets that can be downloaded and printed, plus offer links to other valuable resources. Students may log in and out to train from anywhere at any time. There are built-in quizzes/exams for each course, and students successfully completing any course can print their personalized training certification (great to include with a resume). Teachers can also sign up as the administrator for their group, allowing them to register their students and assign their courses (unless they prefer to have them register themselves) and track their progress.

"Many teachers are taking advantage of this free online OSHA training program due to at-home learning requirements brought about by COVID-19," says Chambers. "All we ask in return is that teachers (A) only provide these courses for their students; (B) do not charge their students for these courses; and, (C) acknowledge our contribution with a link from their school website back to our website."

Contact Curtis Chambers at OSHA Training Services via its website or at curtis.chambers@oshatraining.com if you are interested in discussing a free online OSHA training school for your school.

Source: OSHA Training Services Inc.


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