OSHA Introduces the Focus Four Hazard Course - Register Today!

The OSHA Focus Four Hazard Course is primarily developed and designed to help workers identify, resolve and prevent any future fatalities in the construction industry.

The OSHA 10 Hour Safety Courses have been training employees for many years to identify, eliminate as well as prevent future fatalities in the general and the construction industry.

Due to its expertise and tremendous experience, OSHA has now designed a course that has been developed to help workers deal with 4 primary hazards that are the major sources of many fatalities in the construction industry. If you are a manager, construction worker, trainer in this industry, then you must enroll yourself in this course today and make safety your number one priority.

More over, if you are an employer in the construction industry, then it becomes your duty to encourage The OSHA Focus Four Hazard Course, for it will not only prove your commitment towards safety, but also towards your organization. The core content of this course will provide you with the arsenal to lead safe and healthy lives.

The OSHA Focus Four aims to educate workers in the construction industry about the four most important and deadly hazards. They are:

* Fall hazards
* Electrical hazards
* Struck-by hazards and
* Caught-in-between hazards

Enroll yourself today! And avoid suffering the pain and cost that comes along with death and injury from these hazards.

If you want to minimize the risks involved in your construction work site, then this course is designed for you. The course covers topics such as, falls, electrocutions, caught-in-between and stuck by's that are responsible for a substantial number of serious injuries and fatalities.

Whats great is that the content is very practical, innovative, interactive and more importantly, the matter is imparted in a manner that can be understood and digested by all.

Yes! Believe it or not, but this amazing course just costs $45.00, for OSHA believes that money should never be an obstacle, where safety is concerned. Your life is important, so why wait for the worst? You have the power to control your own destiny.

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