Oscar Babb, Owner, Broken Yolk Cafe Temecula Recipient of "Forty Under 40" Awarded by Murrieta Chamber

For the second year in a row, Oscar Babb, Owner and Operator of Broken Yolk Cafe, Temecula has been recognized as a Temecula Valley's Young Community Trailblazer by Murrieta Chamber of Commerce. Babb is known in the Valley as being conscientious, fair, and philanthropic. His continual focus is to deliver fresh food with ample portions at a reasonable price. Babb is committed to helping Children, Seniors and our ever growing Business Community. Babb is worthy of this recognition.

​​Oscar Babb, Owner and Operator of Broken Yolk Cafe, Temecula will be recognized as one of Murrieta Chamber of Commerce: Forty Under 40 recipients. This prestigious honor celebrates Young Community Trailblazers in the Temecula and Murrieta area. The celebratory Awards Dinner will be held February 25th, 2016 at 6:30 pm at Pins 'N Pockets located in Lake Elsinore. The Key Note Speaker, Mary O. Andrews, Olympian, Business & Life Coach, Performance Expert will celebrate with the Winners and Nominees in attendance.

Coming on the heels of being awarded Large Business Of The Year in late 2015, Oscar Babb along with his wife, Jennifer are both thrilled and honored to be the recipients of the Forty Under 40 Award. Knowing it is a collaborative win which they share with their team makes it even more meaningful to them. 

For the second year in a row, Oscar Babb, Owner and Operator of Broken Yolk Cafe, Temecula has been recognized as a Temecula Valley's Young Community Trailblazer by Murrieta Chamber of Commerce.

Jacqui Dobens, Kitchen Table Talk with Jacqui Dobens, Host

The Babb's in a few short years have become a mainstay and go-to resource as a Business Meeting location. Their meeting rooms, which fits up to 60 attendees, is stocked with all of the necessary tools  to run a successful meeting or gathering. Fresh food items with a personalized menu, Barista specialty coffee drinks, Podium, Flag, Laptop Computer, Flat Screen TV and amazing servers!

Family celebrations and traditions are held at Broken Yolk Cafe, Temecula. It helps that they are open daily from 6 am to 3 pm. Everyday. Including Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Many "regulars" meet their friends and family for pre-holiday breakfast, lunch and brunch.

Broken Yolk Cafe, Temecula is located at 26495 Ynez Rd, Temecula, CA 92591.

Other winners of the Forty Under 40 Award are:

Adam A. Ruiz, Alexandra Garrison, Anthony Braun Rodebush, Bonnie Woodrome, Brittany-Rose Tribulski, Candice Reel, Daniel Estrada, David Mendenhall, Dr. Katie Dugan, Emily Pulido, Greg Ashcraft, Heather Penko, Jennifer Sinclair, Jennifer Rasmussen, Jennifer Sevilla, Jeremy Goldman, Jesse Green, Julie M. Atallah, Justin Lawler, Kasey Rawitzer, Laura Van Dam, Lauren Ritchie, Lisa Wayman, Luke Pytlik, Marcel Atallah, Marcella Torres, Mario Herrera, Melissa Houtz, Michael Klein, Nicole Albrecht, Nicole Dailey, Nicole Farnum, Rachel A. McGuire, Raj Narayanan, Rebaux Steyn, Ryan Clauson, Samantha Brodine, Tara Wunderlich, Tracy Bouvet.

Nominees of the Forty Under 40 Award are:

Adam Evans,  Adriane Alvarez,  Andrea Shoup,  Anthony Rodebush,  Autumn Tyler, Brett Chappell,  Brittany Campbell,  Brittany Horner,  Casey Bell,  Christine Chappell, Clay B. Spiegel, Dane Wunderlich, Dennis Gonzalez,  Dominique Bredeson, Dr. Chris BomanEilyn Dawes, Emily Falappino, Gina O'Bryant, Gonzalo Perez Helguero,  Hal Elrod, Jared Giordano, Jared Johnson, Jason DeArmond, Jason Khalaf, Jason Shubin, Jeff McNurlan, Jenna  Garza, Jennifer Sanchez, Joel Silverthorn, Joey Eckles, Jolynn Lakeman, Josh Emerson, Joy Shumaker, Julia Lyall, Justin Perryman, Kelly Gilson, Kim Webb, Kristi Piatkowski, Kyle Mastin, Lauren Ritchie, Mario Migliore, Matt Wepplo, Megan Zimmerer, Meghan Silverthorn, Melissa Martin Mayorgas, Melody    Spring Watson, Midori Ramsey, Mike Hooper, Mike Noon, Nathan Morse, Nicholas A. Hitz, Noel Dela Cruz, Peter VoogdPinal Sitaram, Priscilla Selvaggio Perez, Rachel Borg, Rachel Shemirani, Raj Narayanan, Sara Luque, Sarah Young, Sarah Bautista, Sarah Long, Serena MastinStefani Laszko, Ted Neugebaurer, Tina Wright, Travis Rennie, Tyler Webb, Vicky Assadourian, Yvonne Ruiz*

*Nominated but ineligible

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