Orthoscan Announces End of Life for Orthoscan FD, FD-OR, Mobile DI, and FD Pulse Mini C-Arms

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Orthoscan announced the End of Life (EOL) plan for its Orthoscan FD, FD-OR, Mobile DI (MDI), and FD Pulse Mini C-Arms. The following Mini C-Arms are scheduled to reach their EOL on the specified dates below. The EOL designation signifies that these machines have served their purpose diligently, yet due to various reasons, such as the discontinuation of component technology or the lack of ongoing support from raw material suppliers, their life cycle is coming to a close.

Product Model Serial Numbers EOL Date
Orthoscan FD 1000-0004 5F0101 to 5F0638 7/14/2024
Orthoscan FD-OR 1000-0004 5H0101 to 5H0454 7/14/2024
Orthoscan Mobile DI 1000-0005 5G0101 to 5G0693 7/14/2024
Orthoscan FD Pulse 1000-0004-FD 5J0101 to 5J0753 7/14/2024

Despite the End of Life (EOL) status of Orthoscan FD, FD-OR, Mobile DI, and FD Pulse Mini C-Arms, Minicarm.com remains steadfast in its commitment to support these machines. With a vast inventory of parts and machines, coupled with extensive experience in the industry, Minicarm.com stands as a reliable partner for all service, sales, and parts requirements. Our unwavering dedication ensures that customers can still rely on us to keep their Mini C-Arms operating at peak performance, extending their useful life and maximizing their value. At Minicarm.com, we believe in providing unparalleled support, even for products with an EOL designation, ensuring that our customers' needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism.

About Minicarm.com

At Minicarm.com, we proudly hold the leading position in the industry for refurbished Mini C-Arm fluoroscopy sales, service, parts and rentals. As a pioneering entity, Mini C Arm LLC specializes in remanufacturing Mini C-Arm machines crafted by manufacturers such as Hologic, OEC, and Orthoscan, meticulously restoring them to pristine conditions that mirror their original state. These reinvigorated machines are made available for purchase or rental to medical facilities, including clinics, hospitals, surgery centers, and Doctors' offices nationwide and around the globe. Notably, our President, Christopher Bacon, stands as the technical founder of Orthoscan, a prominent Mini C-Arm manufacturer, adding an extra layer of expertise and credibility to our operations. With our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, Minicarm.com continues to set the benchmark for excellence in the industry.


Source: Minicarm.com

About Minicarm.com

Minicarm.com is a nationwide medical device company, privately held, based in New York. Minicarm.com is operated by the Technical Founder of Orthoscan, Christopher Bacon. Minicarm.com is your one stop shop for ALL of your Mini C-Arm Sales and Rental needs. We buy/sell/lease equipment, rent, service, sell parts, sterile drapes, refurbish/re-manufacture, warranty, and perform preventative maintenance’s on all Mini C-Arms no matter the OEM or age of the unit.

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