Oro Inc. and Scandiweb Announce Successful Customer Deployment With Major European Car Maker

OroCRM Provides Client a Central Source for All Customer Information

Oro Inc. announces the successful development of a customer relationship management solution for a major European car maker with partner Scandiweb, a leader in digital strategy and web development.

The car maker wanted to simplify the complex process of purchasing a car online. In order to do this, it was necessary to link together multiple systems, including external applications for finance data, trade-in deals, and insurance claims. Connecting their marketing analytics system into OroCRM was also required to track marketing efforts. Their goal was to give each of their departments, from finance and trade-ins to marketing and sales, a full 360-degree view of their customers.

"OroCRM was the perfect fit, as it offered easy integration and all the required CRM features. All we had to do was customize it to the client's needs."

Glebs Vrevskis

Executive Partner at Scandiweb

OroCRM acted as the central system for this varied data, allowing the client to collect all of their customer information in one place. The client could then utilize OroCRM’s powerful sales and marketing features, such as its website tracking and segmentation tools, matching them to their specific auto-related requirements.

“Our client required a flexible solution that could connect into various systems,” says Glebs Vrevskis, Executive Partner at Scandiweb. “OroCRM was the perfect fit, as it offered easy integration and all the required CRM features. All we had to do was customize it to the client’s needs.”

By consolidating data from multiple systems and providing the tools to leverage it, Oro and Scandiweb met the needs of their customer, further demonstrating OroCRM’s flexibility to address complex business requirements.

For more detailed information about the customer use case, please visit the Oro blog for the full story.

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Oro, Inc. founded in 2012 by industry leaders in open-source business application development, is the company behind the suite of products including OroCRM, OroCommerce and OroPlatform. Prior to founding Oro, the founding and senior leadership team helped lead Magento’s success and have an extensive history in e-Commerce technology.

Oro’s founding team consists of Yoav Kutner, Co-Founder and former CTO of Magento, Jary Carter, former VP of Sales and Channel of Magento, and Dima Soroka, former Lead Architect for Magento. Roy Rubin, Co-Founder and former CEO of Magento, has also joined the Oro team as an advisor. Through many years of experience in commerce and CRM, Oro are committed to delivering innovative solutions that will further disrupt customer experience.

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OroCRM is the company behind the Oro Suite of products including OroCRM, OroCommerce and Oro Platform.

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