Origin Point Brands LLC Has Released Their Multi-Purpose Fence, Now Available in Stores

The Multi-Purpose Fence is easy to set up and provides a versatile use for any home and gardening need

Origin Point Brands LLC has just launched another innovative new product. Their Multi-Purpose Fence, found under the No Dig brand, is now available in stores and online at major retailers across the United States and Canada. The Multi-Purpose Fence is simple, easy to set up and truly versatile in its applications.  

“This is a unique fence that can be used for many purposes. From a small compost enclosure or a pet pen to a full garden fence, the Multi-Purpose Fence meets a range of individual needs and creative uses,” says Basil C. Peyton, CSMO and EVP sales and marketing.

The Multi-Purpose Fence design is patent-pending and registered for protection in the United States Copyright Office. It’s currently available at major home improvement and DIY stores across the country such as Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Menards, Ace and many other smaller hardware stores and farm and agriculture stores nationwide.

Origin Point Brands is an industry leader in multiple product categories with trusted brands such as No Dig, Garden Zone, IronCraft, Pet Sentinel, Garden Craft, Yardlink, ScreenGuard and Proworx. For more information about the company and their products, contact customer service at 800-607-6409 or visit OriginPointsBrands.com.

About Origin Point Brands
Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Origin Point Brands is a global manufacturer, fabricator and distributor of steel, aluminum and other finished goods for the North American Market. For more information, visit OriginPointsBrands.com.

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