Organizations Can Get World-Class Inventory and Asset Tracking With SimplyRFID, Now for Just $99 a Month

It's not just about transforming and modernizing inventory; SimplyRFID is helping organizations free up hundreds of hours per week, increase inventory turnover by 10X, and cut costs.


​​​​SimplyRFID, a leader and innovator in inventory management and supply chain technology, announces another industry first: turnkey RFID systems — technology once priced at $5,000 to $10,000 to start is now available for just $99 a month. SimplyRFID includes the necessary hardware and software for a low monthly cost, without the need of an IT expert to help get started.

According to Jerry Garrett, Managing Director at Convergence Systems Limited, “SimplyRFID is always innovative and an industry leader in bringing user-friendly and affordable applications to our RFID marketplace.”

What do wineries, tree farmers, auto dealers and jewelers have in common? Complex, unusual inventory that demands at least one accurate daily count. SimplyRFID has forever changed the way these industries perform the mission-critical task of inventorying their assets. 

The laborious, error-prone task of manually scanning thousands of barcodes can take hours. RFID tags are easily read and scannable up to 10 feet. Coupled with the SimplyRFID Wave handheld and Wave app, users can achieve the same task with a much higher degree of accuracy in just minutes. For daily use, a single $99 handheld can easily manage inventories of up to 50,000 items.

A number of other benefits that organizations can enjoy for just $99 a month include:

  • Data is securely managed on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud running the SimplyRFID Pogi Data Server

  • Handle millions of inventory items online and offline with the SimplyRFID Wave App

  • Compatible with Apple iOS

  • World-leading RFID handheld: the CSL CS108 Sled Handheld for RFID/2D Barcode

  • Easily expandable as an organization grows (each additional handheld is $99 a month)

  • The most diverse tag product line from Avery Dennison

“We believe in a future where every physical item will have a unique digital identity and digital life. Our partnership with SimplyRFID underlines that vision, as customers around the globe will now have access to the broadest portfolio of high-quality RFID products in the market at a very affordable price,” said DJ Lee, Sales Director, Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels. 

Learn more about how to get started with SimplyRFID for just $99 a month, visit:

About SimplyRFID 

SimplyRFID is a software and hardware development company that makes radio-frequency ID tracking systems. We track millions of IT servers, trash cans, drugs, military equipment, and regular old laptops all over the world.

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