Organic CBD Nugs Introduces New CBD Hemp Flower Strains to Its Product Line

The California-based company continues to expand its holdings and its inventory selection with new products and new sources

Organic CBD Nugs is one of America’s fastest-growing companies in the smokable hemp market. Currently, there are six trichome-rich strains in Organic CBD Nugs’ wildly popular hemp flower category. Organic CBD Nugs is now pleased to announce that it offers all six of its high-CBD strains in pre-roll form. 

Each of Organic CBD Nugs’ strains has CBD levels above 15 percent and Delta-9-THC well below 0.3 percent. Organic CBD Nugs also ensures all of its hemp buds are 100 percent hand-trimmed without any traces of pesticides, additives or synthetic compounds. Customers who order from Organic CBD Nugs receive a thorough lab-screening with detailed information on cannabinoids and terpenes.

One of Organic CBD Nugs’ newest strains is the energizing Lifter CBD hemp flower. Made with a blend of Suver Haze and Early Resin Berry, Lifter has a subtle stimulating effect thanks to its sativa heritage. A few of the most commonly reported flavors associated with this strain include citrus, diesel, and sweet fruit. 

Another exciting addition to the inventory is the exotic Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp flower. With its pungent tropical aromas and high CBD content, Hawaiian Haze is a popular choice amongst party-goers. Users can’t seem to get enough of this strain’s non-intoxicating euphoric effects. 

Although hemp flower and pre-rolls are Organic CBD Nugs’ signature products, these are far from the only items available on the company’s website. Indeed, Organic CBD Nugs is continuously introducing a diverse array of high-potency CBD goods into its online portfolio. Customers interested in full-spectrum CBD tinctures, CBD kief, CBD topicals, and bulk CBD isolate will find what they’re looking for in Organic CBD Nugs’ catalog.

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