OrderMatic Corporation is American Made

Oklahoma-based company promotes American-Made products with a USA workforce.

OrderMatic Corporation Employee

The phrase “Made in USA” is a shout-out to the principles that made our nation great. It serves as a covenant to our citizens that good jobs will be available, a promise to our economy that we will grow into a future that we control and create, and a testament to the world that the United States will continue to be a global economic force.

Manufacturing in the USA means guaranteed jobs for thousands of people. This happens because the more money that is invested in buying American-Made products, the more money will get put back into manufacturing American-Made goods.

Buying American-Made products surpasses simple patriotism, it further helps to contribute to a brighter and more stable future for the entire country through the support of our local businesses.

“OrderMatic is a truly American story, born out of a garage in 1955,” said Paul Crawford, President and CEO of OrderMatic Corporation. “Since its inception, all engineering and manufacturing takes place right here in Oklahoma City, the heart of America. Continuing this practice is not only important to me, but also to my dedicated and diverse team of hardworking employees.”

OrderMatic is locally grown with nationally distributed products made by Americans for Americans. And, while OrderMatic fulfills enterprise-level production orders, the company also sells to the homegrown restaurant entrepreneur. The company knows that by supporting local businesses with their American-Made products, they are perpetuating an investment cycle that will provide jobs and financial security for individuals and families.

“This is a cycle that we can get behind. Creating demand for American-Made products means that more people will need to create those American-Made products. This strengthens our Nation from the inside out,” said Crawford.

About The Company
OrderMatic Corporation develops solutions that enhance the customer transactional experience in new and innovative ways. OrderMatic designs and manufactures drive-thru branded next generation signage, technology solutions, and drive in products and accessories for quick service restaurants, retail merchants, and sports and entertainment venues. For over 60 years, OrderMatic is the official drive-thru and drive in partner everywhere.

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About OrderMatic Corporation

OrderMatic Corporation designs and manufactures drive-thru menu boards, branded next generation signage, technology solutions, and drive-in products and accessories for quick service restaurants, retail merchants, and sports and entertainment venues.

OrderMatic Corporation
340 S. Eckroat Street
Oklahoma City, OK

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