Order Fulfillment Company InterFulfillment Increases Facility Space to Over 150,000 Square Feet

InterFulfillment Inc. has proudly announced its largest warehouse facility expansion and continues to expand its capabilities in the eCommerce order fulfillment marketplace

InterFulfillment's Adayra Lopez

InterFulfillment Inc., a leader in eCommerce order fulfillment services, has announced that it has increased its warehouse facility space to over 150,000 square feet. Since its inception in 2005, InterFulfillment has focused business operations around accommodating the order fulfillment requirements of eCommerce merchants worldwide. Demand for its services has grown alongside the eCommerce marketplace.

"InterFulfillment anticipates steady growth year over year, but nothing could have prepared us for the global demand we have seen since 2018," said Adayra Lopez, InterFulfillment Sales Manager. "We want to accommodate as many customers as possible, but insufficient warehouse space has forced us into some tough decisions. This increased facility space will go a long way in allowing us to offer services to more B2C and B2B customers than ever."

Expansion is nothing new for InterFulfillment's General Manager Derek Antram. He personally spearheaded the company's recent expansion to Vancouver.

"Bolstering overall operational capacity did not come without challenges. Our goal was to optimize our operation using our new space without any kind of disruption to our services. This entailed relocating inventory as well as adjusting and introducing new production areas. I am proud of how we handled this and am excited for what the future holds," commented Antram.

The decision to expand was made by Elecia Brazeau, InterFulfillment's COO. She explains what factored into her decision.

"It's always our focus to improve our operation. We strive to optimize procedures to ensure we are as efficient as possible, but you can only maximize so much with limitations in space. Recently, the demand for our services has grown more than we could have ever anticipated. In December 2020, e-commerce retail trade sales in Canada amounted to an all-time high of 4.82 billion dollars. After careful consideration and discussions with ownership and management, we decided it was in the best interests of our customers, and InterFulfillment as a whole, that we expand," Brazeau explained.

The entire team at InterFulfillment is excited about this expansion and poised to make the most of it. It is clear that there has never been a better time to reach out to InterFulfillment for order fulfillment services. It will be interesting to keep tabs on what the future holds for not only InterFulfillment but the eCommerce order fulfillment marketplace as a whole.

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Founded in 2005, InterFulfillment is a Canadian order fulfillment specialist. It is known for its B2B and B2C eCommerce expertise but also offers a range of services including cross-docking, event, crowdfunded project fulfillment, and much more. InterFulfillment is committed to offering customers same-day shipping along with best-in-class services they can rely on. For more information or to request a quote from InterFulfillment, please visit https://interfulfillment.com/.

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