Orchestry Launches Comprehensive Governance, Adoption & Enablement Platform for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Orchestry pioneers a complete empowerment, adoption and standardization platform to create Workspaces across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Microsoft Planner and other Microsoft 365 applications.

Orchestry - Work Made Simple in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online

The "largest work-from-home experiment" has morphed into the reality of managing a completely remote digital workforce with more than 75 million daily active Microsoft Teams users. As a result, Microsoft 365 Administrators assume the insurmountable role of providing each employee with access to the right tools, at the right time and for the right purpose, entirely remotely.

Orchestry takes the guesswork out of "what to use when" in Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) with pre-built Workspace Templates, intelligent Workspace Provisioning, an informative Workspace Directory and powerful governance features to enable both IT Administrators and end-users throughout the organization.

"Orchestry was born out of the challenges digital workers are facing today in having to become technology experts to know which tool to use when for what job,” shares Michal Pisarek, CEO of Orchestry. He continues, “Orchestry removes the technology conversation to enable a business-first conversation around Microsoft 365, empowering immediate adoption and productivity.”

The true value behind Orchestry is the quick wins it delivers for Microsoft 365 governance and adoption. Derived from hundreds of successful implementations by Microsoft 365 architects and SharePoint MVPs, Orchestry is delivered cost-effectively, rapidly and iteratively for organizations.

Orchestry is more than a standard templating and governance tool for Microsoft Teams. The comprehensive platform is not only for Microsoft Teams but also for SharePoint Online, Microsoft Planner and OneNote as well as other Microsoft 365 business applications through a single, unified interface.

I was blown away the first time I experienced Orchestry. Orchestry has truly pioneered the first comprehensive governance, adoption and enablement tool for Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams, that actually delivers control while empowering accessibility to all users,” elates W. Perry Underdown, Managing Partner, WUNDERHUB, and Orchestry MVP user. 

Orchestry provides a single point of access for both end-users and Microsoft 365 Administrators to facilitate provisioning in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online, without the complexity of having to manage various workloads simultaneously.​

Orchestry is just at its tipping point, as the platform is rapidly expanding to deliver a personalized, single-pane view to every end-user. The Digital Dashboard will become the entry point to all the critical Microsoft 365 business applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Outlook Calendar, Workspace Requests, SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Documents and more. 

About Orchestry

Orchestry makes work simple in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online with its comprehensive enablement, adoption and standardization platform. Orchestry enables organizations to define a winning Microsoft 365 adoption and change management strategy. Built by SharePoint MVPs and Microsoft 365 experts, Orchestry helps organizations formulate a roadmap of "what to use when" in Microsoft 365 through increasing technology adoption, empowering governance and simplifying provisioning organization-wide. Learn more: https://www.orchestry.com.

Media Contact: 
Erica Hakonson 
Orchestry CMO

Source: Orchestry Software Inc.


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