Orca Health Provides Platform for COVID-19 Patient Communication, Patient Education and Health Assessment Surveys to Healthcare Providers at No Cost

Today, Orca Health announced it is offering its Patient Communication, Patient Education and Health Assessment Surveys regarding COVID-19 to healthcare providers at no cost.

This automated tool allows providers to effectively communicate to their patients:

  • Accurate CDC Patient Education 
  • COVID Health Assessment Survey (CVDHA)
  • Health Assessment Tracking & Results
  • Quarantine Guidance

The COVID-19 Health Assessment Survey (CVDHA) will be sent automatically to patients within an educational Care Pathway and then resent at a cadence of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 weeks for continued risk assessment.

At this critical time, Orca Health’s HIPAA-Secure platform enables patients to access accurate, reliable information from a provider they trust and safely increase patient-provider communication. It also provides a way for healthcare providers to track patient symptoms, evaluate health risks, and encourage informed patient engagement.

Healthcare providers can access this platform – completely free of charge – by completing this form or emailing start@orcahealth.com.


Orca Health is a healthcare technology company that creates software solutions designed to empower healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals to enhance quality of care, improve patient satisfaction, increase patient engagement, and lower the cost of care.

Orca Health’s patient experience platform includes physician profiles, pre-visit care pathways, post-visit care pathways, outcomes measurements, reputation enhancement, and healthcare analytics. 

Learn more at https://orcahealth.com.

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Matt Rich

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