Orca Green Marine Announces Lifetime Warranty on LX CLASSIC Series LED Navigation Lights

As OGM announces innovative new products in 2017, company extends warranty of existing line

Orca Green Marine LX Classic Series LED Navigation Lights

Orca Green Marine, LLC announces today that it is now offering a limited lifetime warranty on its LX CLASSIC Series of light-emitting diode (LED) navigation lights. The LX CLASSIC Series LED lights continue OGM’s built-in-the-USA legacy of designing and manufacturing navigation lights that not only withstand harsh marine conditions but also exceed rigorous U.S. Coast Guard requirements and have the longest history of reliable LED navigation lights in the industry.

“For more than 14 years, Orca Green Marine’s LX Series of LED navigation lights has been a durable and reliable product as part of the safety equipment for military, commercial and hardcore recreational boaters,” said Meghan Matthews, founder and CEO of Orca Green Marine. “As part of our quality and sustainability philosophy, we strive to build products that will last a lifetime, and our new warranty commitment is aligned with our commitment to make a great product that will serve its owners for years to come.”

OGM’s LX CLASSIC Series lights are built to last a lifetime, so why not back that up with a lifetime warranty? Longtime customer Ed J. Hart agrees, saying, “I have been sailing for over 50 years and have owned 15 sailboats. The OGM LED Tricolor is the best navigation light I have ever used. I bought one about 9 years ago and as I sold a boat and got a new one, I always moved my OGM light to my new boat. So far, it’s been on 4 boats and still going strong.”

LX CLASSIC Series lights are available directly from OGM and a select group of retailers and distributors, including Amazon, Budget Marine, Defender, Fawcett Boat Supply, Fisheries Supplies, Paxton, San Diego Marine Exchange/Downwind, along with a growing list of riggers, boatyards and authorized dealers. For a complete list of where to buy, visit OGM’s website: www.orcagreenmarine.com

About Orca Green Marine

Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, Orca Green Marine (OGM) designs, makes and sells LED Lighting and Energy-Harvesting products for the marine and other remote and harsh environments. As a pioneer in LED Navigation lights, OGM designed and manufactured the first USCG approved LED Navigation light in 2004. OGM’s early customers include circumnavigators, liveaboards, offshore racers and the U.S. Navy SEALS. More recently, OGM’s broad customers include the U.S. Navy and other military vessels, cruise ship piers, tow boats, fire boats, pilot boats, bridges, piers, docks, firehouses, and other places that demand lighting and power systems that can withstand the harshest environment. Beginning in 2017, OGM announces a series of innovative newly patented energy-harvesting (solar, wind, kinetic, wave/current) technologies that will interconnect with its LED lighting system and are created to take sustainable coastal life to the next level.


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Headquartered in Annapolis, MD, Orca Green Marine (OGM) designs, makes and sells LED Lighting and Energy-Harvesting products for the marine and other remote and harsh environments.

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