Orbital Technologies Launches Space Hotel & Commercial Space Station at UN Conference

Orbital Technologies begins contracting with National Space Agencies at recent United Nations COPUOS Conference.

Orbital Technologies attends United Nations COPUOS Meeting in Vienna, Austria as it begins contracting with clients, including National Space Agencies and Educational Institutes. New Zealander Stiphan Beher, Chief Operating Officer for Orbital Technologies said, "we are pleased with the progress made with contracting with end clients and are close to finalizing agreements with a number of smaller Sovereign Space Agencies. We bring a cost effective opportunity for space agencies to have astronauts at the Commercial Space Station. This will be our main revenue stream ahead of Space Tourism, which will be driven by Space Adventures. We have also began Branding opportunities with several multi national corporations."

Orbital Technologies, majority owned by Eric Anderson, a major shareholder in Space Adventures, and Planetary Resources, a firm co-owned by Miguel Forbes for Forbes Publishing, is developing the Commercial Space Station. Partnered with the Russian Federal Space Agency (RosCosmos) and S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation (Energia), developer of the Soyuz space transport module, Mir Space Station and the Russian module of the International Space Station, Orbital Technologies will utilize established technology for its deployment.

The Space Station will be capable of accommodating a crew of seven for periods of up to six months and will orbit at 250 miles above Earth and will support multiple docking capabilities including the Boeing CST 100 and Space-X. The Station will also incorporate the world's first Space Hotel. The Commercial Space Station has a planned launch into orbit in the fourth quarter of 2016 from the Baikanur Space Port in Kazakhstan

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