Orange County-Based Business Cali Brands Distro Offers Alternative, Holistic Option That Customers Say Helps Alleviates Pain

Effective, affordable, all-natural and safe. These are the qualities of the product line for Cali Brands Distro. Based out of Orange County and with the desire by founder Cary Rash to create premium-quality, handmade products, the idea for Cali Brands Distro came about in 2017 when hemp-derived products were gaining popularity among consumers and within the industry.

"At the time, there was a lot of mislabeling of ingredients," Cary said. "The purpose of our products is to help improve the quality of people's lives."

Cary often gifts product samples or significantly reduces the cost when connecting with people through personal struggles and realizing they could benefit from products. "I've always been focused on the medicinal benefits to help people experiencing pain or discomfort." Rash has also given product away just so people can see for themselves that the effects can be life-changing. "One way we're different from other companies is that we're huge on education. I love being able to help people understand the benefits of CBD," Cary said.

Cali Brands Distro has five brands under its umbrella with common DNA, each offering the same manufacturing core values across its products. They include California CBD Company, Beaute, Recover Me, Cali Sleevin and Pawfect CBD.

California CBD Company offers tinctures, topicals and more for everyday life at unbeatable prices and potency. It's an introductory product for consumers new to CBD and looking for an alternative to traditional pain medicine. "Our product is something that everyone can use because of its affordability, versatility and effectiveness and can be used for a variety of ailments from acute to chronic," Cary said.

Beaute is an all-natural, hand-crafted, vegan skin care and bath product line. Cali Sleevin is tattoo aftercare created to keep tattoos vibrant, moisturized and nourished with clean, healthy ingredients. Recover Me is a powerful topical designed for fast-acting and long-lasting relief, meant for anyone with muscle, joint pain and inflammation.  

Cali Brands Distro products come in topicals, salves, lotions, roll-ons, bath bombs, tinctures and sprays and contain zero THC. Customers say that the products help alleviate issues such as joint and muscle pain, insomnia, anxiety and general skin problems.

"Our CBD products can be used for instant relief as well as a long-term supplement, depending on what the need is," said Cary, who has personally benefited from the products, seeing a significant decrease in his eczema.

At its core, Cali Brands Distro offers consumers transparency, quality and consistency in its products, using all-natural ingredients that are free of cruelty, sulfates, pesticides and contaminants, offering a safe, effective product. The company also tests every batch with its third-party A2LA ISO Certified lab to ensure the highest quality and safety, bringing consumers some of the purest products on the market.

To learn more about Cali Brands Distro, email or visit our website.

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