Orange County Bail Bonds to Celebrate 60th Year in Business in 2023

The organization has been a staple in Santa Ana since 1963, and its owners believe it will continue to thrive because it provides a service residents need.

Orange County Bail Bonds

Orange County Bail Bonds is celebrating its 60th year in the industry in 2023, a remarkable feat that has seen multiple families and generations write bonds in Orange County, California.

The business got its start in 1963 and has always been a family-operated company. When current owners Bob and Anne Miller purchased the firm in 1995, they reaffirmed that commitment to family by bringing in Mike Yoakum, their cousin, who has a tremendous amount of industry experience. Yoakum has been in the bail bonds industry all his life. Both of his parents were bail agents, and he received his license in 1988, working as an agent ever since.

In the years since, Bob hired Scott Miner to the team. Scott has been with the company since 1998 and provides Spanish translation services for clients. Leah Salazar, the General Manager, came on board in 2009 doing filing and has since moved up to the top of our management team. Ray Reyes started in 2016 and his sister Gaby Reyes is our newest licensed bail agent. It’s a family affair.

In 2001, Bob Miller bought the building his bail bonds company was operating out of, and things started looking up. However, he experienced even more problems in 2004 when a fire did extensive damage to the second floor, forcing Orange County Bail Bonds to operate out of a parking lot trailer for over two years.

The good news was that the new building meets the new earthquake standards and has a green design, so it should stand the test of time. The hope is that this new construction ensures people needing bail bonds in Santa Ana, Anaheim, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and the rest of Orange County will have access to this building for generations.

A key to Orange County Bail Bonds' longevity is the service it delivers. The company is available 24 hours per day, so clients don't have to wait for office hours to get the assistance they require. It's also worth noting that the office is directly across from the Orange County Jail, providing easy access for agents. Not only do they cover all of Orange County from their Civic Center office, but they also have reciprocal agreements with agencies all over the country.

The services the Orange County Bail Bonds team provides also benefit Orange County residents. By getting defendants out of jail while awaiting trial, there's less burden on the justice system and less tax money being used on inmates. Police departments also spend fewer resources on fugitive warrants because Orange County Bail Bonds ensures defendants show up in court at the correct time and day.

Beyond the benefits for the community, defendants appreciate the discounted rates Orange County Bail Bonds offers, which are the lowest legal rates offered. It can also provide bail without collateral in some scenarios, which is another bonus for those using the service.

When a loved one is in jail, it's easy to panic and become overwhelmed by the situation. By offering family-friendly service in Santa Ana, they believe they can reunite families while they await trial and ensure defendants don't have to spend more time away from their homes than is absolutely necessary.

As Orange County Bail Bonds celebrates its 60th year in business, owner Bob Miller is proud to reminisce about all their years in business and the families they've helped along the way. While there's no telling if the company has another 60 years in its future, Orange County Bail Bonds will continue serving Southern California for years to come and isn't showing any signs of slowing down.

Reach out to Orange County Bail Bonds at 714-224-5688 or visit to learn about bail bond options and 24 hours of immediate bail service.

Orange County Bail Bonds
1043 West Civic Center Drive
Suite 100
Santa Ana, CA 92703

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About Orange County Bail Bonds

Orange County Bail Bonds, located across the street from the Orange County jail facility, is a family owned and operated Orange County bail bond service and has been helping the community since 1963.

Orange County Bail Bonds
1043 W Civic Center Dr #100
Santa Ana, CA