Oral Rinse Covid Pcr Test Immediately Available In Nevada For Individuals, Businesses And Medical Personnel

MDX Ventures Adds Drive-Thru Sites to Increase Accessibility to Testing

MDX Ventures

MDX Ventures, a Nevada-based healthcare solutions company, announces the arrival of QuickSal, a non-invasive oral rinse collection method, for use as a PCR COVID test. Developed initially as a toxicology test by a high-complexity, CLIA-certified laboratory, this collection method improves safety, comfortability and time involved in the collection of, and testing for, COVID 19. 

The QuickSal Oral Rinse collection method was created for the testing of local police departments, urgent cares and hospitals during the pandemic. MDX Ventures has expanded into Kentucky and now Nevada with more locations to follow.

"Las Vegas is my home and I have experienced firsthand the impact that COVID has had, and continues to have, on our community," said MDX Ventures founder Dan Briggs. "It means a lot to me to be able to help mitigate the spread and protect those most vulnerable to coronavirus."

MDX Ventures has dedicated itself to being an advocate for the community and is focusing on ensuring those in the underserved population have access to testing. It is with that mandate that MDX selected its first drive-thru site at 4225 S. Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89119, in the parking lot behind The Center of Victory Church.

"When I learned of the opportunity to support access to testing with MDX Ventures and bring their oral rinse test to people in need I was very excited," said Diego Trujillo, pastor of The Center of Victory Church.

In addition to the drive-thru testing sites, MDX Ventures has entered discussions with numerous enterprises in need of safe, non-invasive and accurate COVID testing needs. From small private businesses to Fortune 500 companies or government, the QuickSal Oral Rinse is being recognized as a better way to reach a non-negotiable place of vastly increased testing.

"The response from the Las Vegas and Reno business community has been overwhelming. We are working closely with some key business leaders to identify the most impactful recipients for the first wave of COVID test deployments," said Tony Paoli, co-founder of MDX Ventures. "We are just grateful to find ourselves in a position to help and for all of the support we have received thus far."

About MDX Ventures

MDX Ventures brought together the best minds in business and healthcare to create a better way to handle both. We own and operate our own laboratory and have working relationships with countless other labs; we provide testing equipment to hospitals to share resources and increase throughput; we own and operate mytelemedix.com, a premiere telehealth company favored by countless MDs, PAs and NAs; and, during these times of COVID-19, MDX Ventures has supported the testing process with our American-made lateral flow rapid tests with both antigen and antibody application available and the revolutionary Oral Rinse PCR test, which is changing the entire market single-handedly.

Visit us: www.covidtestingMDX.com | Email us: info@mdxventures.com

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