Optomi's Skill-Set Focused Recruiting Teams Impeccably Benefit Technology Consultants and Clients Alike

Optomi Differentiators

​​​​​​​​​Optomi, the tech talent brand of Optomi Professional Services, employs recruiters who specialize in high-level skill-sets to forge professional connections that are mutually beneficial for technology talent and clients. Unlike IT staffing firms, Optomi does not encourage employees to recruit on a diverse set of technologies. Instead, recruiters at the IT talent firm become immersed in the most in-demand skill-sets. This unique methodology enables the recruiting team to genuinely develop relationships with the best tech talent, making them the perfect partner for identifying the right IT workforce.

As Optomi's technical recruiters concentrate on specific skill-sets, they leverage their expertise, reduce decision time and costs for clients and streamline the experience for candidates. A typical employer interviews 6-8 candidates to get one hire (according to studies by LinkedIn). With Optomi's skill-set focused approach, hiring managers who partner with the IT talent firm interview three candidates, on average, to achieve the hire.

Distancing itself further from the competition, Optomi also takes a consultant-centered approach. Recruiters serve more as career coaches to ensure the best match in terms of skill, candidate preferences, client requirements and corporate culture. Optomi also has a dedicated team to assist with all client onboarding processes, benefit enrollment and even travel when needed. By implementing innovative practices, Optomi offers convenience and attention to detail that facilitates a smooth hiring process for both consultants and clients. 

Rather than follow antiquated, traditional paths, Optomi builds new integrated technologies and processes that significantly reduce the time and cost of hiring the best technology talent. The company values innovation and makes it a priority.

Optomi is technology-driven, leveraging a Q&A-formatted interviewing platform it calls Opt2vue that allows candidates to fully showcase their skills and culture fit to potential employers. As a result, the firm's candidates earn more face-to-face meetings than those who attempt to get placed through competitors.

Interviewing candidates via Opt2vue offers many benefits including:

  • The ability to accurately evaluate candidates prior to face-to-face meetings

  • Customized interview questions

  • An extensive library of soft and technical skill questions should the client choose not to customize the questions

  • Control over the length of responses

  • The power to determine the number of retries each candidate gets during the interview process

Optomi is currently recruiting for in-demand skill-sets including the following:

  • DevOps

  • Digital Transformation

  • Serverless Architecture

  • Microservices

  • Java Development 

  • Cybersecurity​

About Optomi

We enable clients to define the technology of tomorrow by identifying the best tech talent to fuel projects. Optomi, part of the Optomi Professional Services family of brands, delivers talent to our clients via contract, contract-to-hire and permanent placement agreements. Our sharpened recruiting methodology combines advanced technologies with time-honored genuine talent relationships to produce effective results. We deploy the best technologists in the ever-evolving spaces of AI, digital transformation, mobile technology, cybersecurity, network/system engineering, data warehousing, cloud and application development … making us a talent leader in the tech talent industry. Learn more at optomiservices.com.

Christen Black

Source: Optomi, LLC