Optimize Your Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) for Profit

Alta Via Consulting LLC and sedApta s.r.l. are joining in a technology partnership to provide their customers a best of breed solution by integrating Alta Via’s Managerial Costing expertise with sedApta’s leading edge Demand Management and Resource Supply software to optimize Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) for profit.

In the past companies could optimize production plans based on all of the relevant manufacturing metrics, but they were never quite sure they had selected the production plan with the highest profit.  The sedApta and Alta Via technology partnership now provides a clear answer to this crucial question.

Giorgio Cuttica, the CEO of Sedapta pointed out, “In the current "demand driven economy", the combination of sedApta Suite and Alta Via’s proEO will offer a clear competitive advantage to all our customers”.

Alta Via Partner, Anton van der Merwe, said, “We have been looking for an S&OP partner with the advanced flexible planning capabilities the sedApta Suite offers.  Combining these S&OP capabilities with the newly adopted international principles for managerial costing in proEO optimizes one’s S&OP choices for profit, providing our clients with a significant edge over their competitors.”

About Alta Via Consulting

Alta Via Consulting provides clients with the experience required for the challenges associated with comprehensive management accounting, advanced cost management, and strategic enterprise management solutions, including:

o    Workshops to increase adoption and ease roll out so that clients can start using the system the moment it’s implemented, 

o    Supporting managerial decisions through visualizing the data provided by existing solutions.

o    On-site training that familiarizes clients with the concepts behind Resource Consumption Accounting and the tech supporting it,

About sedApta

sedApta provides clients with an all-encompassing Supply Chain Management experience. Their knowledgeable staff and proven software platforms enable them to provide solutions beyond ERP and spreadsheets, including:

o    Experienced resources and proven software platforms increase clients’ profits by rethinking their supply chain from sales planning to manufacturing to distribution.

o    Support for new process design and roll out, with the needed training and performance support aids to make adoption smooth and effective.


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