Optimal Dynamics Introduces New Product Features That Enhance Its Robust Artificial Decision Intelligence Software

Enhancements deliver significant automation and efficiency gains across all facets of truckload operations from tender acceptance, bid analysis, and dispatching

Optimal Dynamics, the pioneer in artificial decision intelligence (ADI) for trucking companies, today announced the availability of new innovative solutions designed to propel fast and confident decision-making across all facets of truckload operations. These new features not only redefine the possibilities within ADI but also signify a commitment to elevating the operational efficiency and financial success of Optimal Dynamics customers. Leveraging the company’s uniquely powerful optimization engine, these new solutions empower trucking companies with optimal recommendations that reach further throughout the complex workflows inherent in modern logistics.

The New Features from Optimal Dynamics Include:

Optimized EDI Tender Acceptance Recommendations

With the myriad of decisions dispatchers and planners face, increasing efficiency and automation at each stage is crucial. For years, Execute by Optimal Dynamics™ has provided optimized recommendations on whether to assign loads to either asset or brokerage to best balance truckload networks. Today, the company is applying its decision intelligence to the question of whether to accept or reject a tendered load, and seamlessly action the decision via 2-way integration. The solution provides recommendations that assess unique business rules and factors such as available capacity, existing commitments, driver coverage, profitability, and more, so teams can confidently and efficiently make the best tender acceptance decisions. 

Optimized Bidding Workflow

Finding the optimal rate to bid requires analyzing numerous pricing options. This process can often be tedious and time-consuming, leading to slower RFP responses at sub-optimal rates. The new Bid Rate Analysis tool streamlines the experience for bulk lane rate adjustments and analysis directly from uploaded bid files. Now, users can effortlessly run multiple bid analyses at different rates after applying bulk rate changes ensuring a more efficient, informed, and responsive bidding workflow. 

Furthermore, analysts will have greater insight into how bid lanes impact their complete shipper network. The Network Impact Analysis provides a comprehensive list of incumbent customers that would be impacted in the future, assuming all Optimal Dynamics recommended lanes are won. This unmatched level of impact analysis empowers users to confidently optimize operations for enhanced performance and profitability.

Dispatch Outcome Explainability

Just as important as knowing what decisions to make is understanding why those are the best decisions to make. With embedded KPIs providing clear visibility into the most impactful metrics, including revenue per driver, empty mileage percentage, and current availability, fleet managers can quickly gain a detailed view of future business performance based on Optimal Dynamics recommendations and, therefore, confidently act on those recommendations. 

"Our commitment to building the most complete and powerful truckload optimization platform is the heartbeat of Optimal Dynamics - even after four decades of solving the intricate challenges of logistics,” said Daniel Powell, CEO and Co-founder of Optimal Dynamics. “We are focused on tackling the unknown for our customers and they trust in us to further drive automation, efficiency, and profitability throughout their trucking operations. We are driven by the real-world results we continue to deliver.” 

Optimal Dynamics will showcase the latest innovations in Artificial Decision Intelligence at the TCA Truckload conference in Nashville March 24-26. If you will be in attendance, visit Booth #900 to learn more

Source: Optimal Dynamics