Optima Curis Will Use Rhapsody Integration Engine in eCuris Platform

Optima Curis, Inc. announced today that it is partnering with Rhapsody to incorporate the industry-leading Rhapsody integration engine into its eCuris consumer health platform. Rhapsody will significantly enhance the ability of eCuris to integrate and share data with a wide range of customer systems, including EHRs, scheduling, care management, telehealth and more.

eCuris unifies access, support, and rewards to optimize consumer health. Health systems and health plans turn to the platform to be a single point of entry to a variety of care, wellness, communication, and information applications for patients, consumers and community organizations. Strong system integration capabilities are essential.

Rhapsody is a high-performance interoperability platform designed for speed and scalability and includes built-in FHIR® support. Rhapsody is used worldwide by over 500 hospitals, health systems, health information exchanges, public agencies and others.

"As we rapidly scale to nationwide deployment of our integrated consumer health platform, Rhapsody will enable us not only to implement our full functionality quickly and easily within diverse customer environments, but also adapt rapidly to their growing interoperability and data requirements,” said Paul Viskovich, CEO of Optima Curis.

Drew Ivan, EVP of Product & Strategy at Rhapsody added, “As an interoperability platform, our software’s impact on patients is indirect; we improve care through the hospitals, public health departments, and health IT vendors that use Rhapsody integration engine on a daily basis. We see the eCuris platform as being 100% aligned with Rhapsody’s vision of building connections for a healthier world, and we are pleased to add Optima Curis to the growing list of health IT vendors we serve.”

About Optima Curis

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Optima Curis delivers a platform connecting patients, families, and clinical organizations to help them manage cost of care, quality, and the experience when interacting with the healthcare system. The vision for eCuris is to become the world's leading social, collaboration, and rewards platform for health. For more information, please visit www.optimacuris.com


Contact: Paul Viskovich  paul@optimacuris.com

Source: Optima Curis

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