Optima Curis Unveils Revolutionary Perpetual Patient Engagement Platform

Game-changing pioneer designed platform has limitless possibilities for healthcare.

​Optima Curis Inc., a Los Angeles based healthcare solutions company, announced the first glimpse of its game-changing perpetual patient engagement solution, delivering a unique, targeted approach to patient-centered care.  

According to Paul Viskovich, Healthcare IT pioneer, President, and CEO, “This unique enterprise-class patient engagement platform, sets forth an entirely new ethos to the healthcare realm, more akin to Linkedin and Slack and other new world applications. Based on decades of expertise in healthcare we have built a comprehensive perpetual patient engagement and health social networking platform, providing a truly patient-centered approach. With the patient at the core, Optima Curis seamlessly integrates social media functionality with engagement, collaboration and survey tools providing patients, physicians and payers limitless opportunities for improved healthcare. We believe our patient-centered approach positively impacts all stakeholders in the transformation to value-based healthcare, globally.”

Optima Curis – Perpetual Engagement Platform (PEP) creates an entirely new category in patient engagement and healthcare IT, based on the unique underlying platform. Optima Curis intelligently combines Digital Patient Engagement, Social Networking, Remote Patient Monitoring and the best collaboration and interoperability tools to transform how providers, patients, and their family circle engage, collaborate, and interact.

“At V3, we are continually assessing and searching for uniqueness and the companies that can move the pointer in this traditionally stubborn healthcare IT environment. Optima Curis delivers on these requirements. The perpetual social health aspect of their unique platform sets forth an entirely new set of exciting opportunities for all stakeholders in healthcare. The entire market touts’ patient-centered applications, but Optima Curis has delivered by seamlessly integration social circles and by default delivered care coordination in conjunction with the dawn of a new type of personal electronic medical record. This first iteration opens the door to a myriad of new possibilities,” stated by Dr. Paul a Markham, Chief Strategy Officer at V3.

Source: Optima Curis Inc.

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Perpetual Patient Engagement delivers a unique suite of patient centered modules serving the consumer, clinical and commercial stakeholders in healthcare. Provides superior financial and clinical results over conventional patient engagement.

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