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eCuris, becoming the world's leading social, collaboration, and rewards platform for health.

Optima Curis Inc has announced the release of eCuris version 8 of their market leading social, collaboration, and rewards platform for health. eCuris version 8 makes it much easier and seamless for care managers and other members of the care team to connect, collaborate and engage with community partners. Many of these community partners provide support and services for non-medical factors that affect health including transportation, food insecurity, housing instability and interpersonal violence.

“Social Determinants of Health have a big effect on health outcomes. This release of eCuris will make it much more efficient and seamless to coordinate all services from health providers and community partners across the entire community” said Simon Jones, Optima Curis - Chief Product Officer. “eCuris makes it easier for everyone, to connect and collaborate; health providers, community partners, patients and their loved ones, enabling a patient’s entire support network to work as a single coordinated team.”

Release 8 of eCuris will be available online from September 17, 2018.

About Optima Curis

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Optima Curis delivers a unique suite of patient-centered modules serving the consumer and clinical and commercial stakeholders in health care. The platform called eCuris, brings forth superior financial, clinical and administrative results over conventional patient engagement solutions by delivering seamless social health integration, challenging traditional and existing care models. The vision for eCuris is to become the world’s leading social, collaboration, and rewards platform for health.

For more information about Optima Curis, please visit www.optimacuris.com

Contact: Paul Viskovich 

Optima Curis Inc

(310) 490-9534

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