Optica Publishing Group Announces Launch of Optica Quantum

New, online-only Gold Open Access journal to rapidly disseminate high-impact research results across many sectors of quantum information science and technology.

Michael G. Raymer

On World Quantum Day, Optica Publishing Group announced it will begin publishing a new journal in September 2023 dedicated to highly selective results in quantum information science and technology (QIST). The new journal, Optica Quantum, joins the Society's portfolio of the most-cited journals in optics and photonics and will provide the community with articles of the same exceptional standards for quality, novelty, and significance as its parent journal, Optica

The concept of quantum light serves as a foundation for many quantum technologies and ongoing research areas involving security, communications, computing, machine learning, sensing, and more. To support this rapidly growing field, Optica Quantum will be dedicated to QIST as enabled by optics and photonics, publishing theoretical and experimental research as well as technological advances and applications of quantum optics. 

Dr. Michael G. Raymer, Knight Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Founding Director of the Oregon Center for Optical Molecular and Quantum Science, University of Oregon, USA, will serve as the inaugural editor-in-chief of the Journal. Raymer has been on the forefront of the quantum information revolution and has been instrumental in a number of key initiatives that have advanced the field. He successfully lobbied the US Government to approve the US National Quantum Initiative Act in 2018, which greatly boosted research and development in this area. A few years later, in 2020, Raymer launched Optica's Quantum 2.0 topical meeting to help scientists and engineers focus on and resolve key challenges facing the QIST community today.

"I am honored to be entrusted with the founding editor-in-chief position for Optica Quantum," said Raymer. "Through my volunteer work with and support from Optica, I've been part of and witnessed the major impact that a professional society can have in advancing quantum science and technology. With the help of a distinguished editorial board, I intend for Optica Quantum to become a one-of-kind journal that provides top-caliber articles and mini-reviews from a Society publisher that's been in the field for more than 100 years."

Optica Quantum will rapidly publish original peer-reviewed, high-impact research results, provide state-of-the art reviews of both emerging and established subareas of optics- and photonics-related QIST, and share opinions from recognized authorities on new directions for this critical field. 

"Optica Publishing Group continually seeks ways to better serve the global optics and photonics community. With the acceleration of quantum research across the globe, there's an increasing need to curate, publish and perpetually archive the latest and most significant research from the leaders in the field. Optica Quantum will not only achieve this, but it will also foster increased synergies among academia, industry, and government agencies interested in QIST developments," said Elizabeth Nolan, Optica Deputy Executive Director and Chief Publishing Officer. 

Optica Quantum will open for submissions in June 2023. Article Processing Charges for this Gold Open-Access journal will be waived for all articles published this year. 

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