Optica Announces Enhancements to zVT 3000i Mainframe Virtual Tape Systems

​Today, Optica Technologies Incorporated, is pleased to announce enhancements to our zVT 3000i, all-in-one, models of mainframe virtual tape. The zVT 3000i is a compact 2U self-contained virtual tape system that exploits the same technology Optica uses in our more scalable, resilient flagship zVT 5000-iNAS products. Today’s enhancements include:

·         Larger capacity zVT 3000i models

·         Improved 4:1 benefit from HW compression

·         Encryption at rest support

The zVT 3000i is now available with internal RAID 6 storage in 3 standard configurations:

·         24TB useable / 96TB effective

·         16TB useable / 64TB effective

·           8TB useable / 32TB effective

Effective capacity on the zVT 3000i is driven by a 4:1 benefit from Optica zVT’s efficient use of HW compression algorithms. Individual customer benefits from compression may vary based on their specific environment and datasets. Optica’s 4:1 benefit is based on lab testing using a variety of datasets and variables with compression benefits as high as 8:1 under certain conditions.

Optica is also announcing the availability of AES 256-bit inline Data at Rest Encryption (DARE) on the zVT 3000i. This feature protects data against unauthorized access to lost or stolen disks by encrypting data prior to being written to disk. DARE has been available on the zVT 5000-iNAS since its original introduction in January of 2015.

Michael Dailey, COO and VP of Worldwide Sales, said, “We’re excited about the enhancements to the zVT 3000i. It’s been an efficient, turnkey solution for IBM Z customers with stable capacity requirements looking for an innovative way forward from older virtual tape and physical tape environments. Now that we have larger capacity options and features, we’re providing the IBM Z customers with more choices.”

The zVT 3000i connects to the mainframe via (2) FICON channels and supports z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE operating systems. It emulates both 3490 and 3590 tape drives and comes standard with an intuitive web-based GUI, as well as CLI and JCL support. It’s easy to implement and requires no changes to your tape management software or tape operations. The zVT 3000i also supports enhanced data-integrity checking, zVT replication and one-click DR testing and recovery.

To learn more about the zVT 3000i and the rest of our zVT family of products, email us at info@opticatech.com or use the following link: https://www.opticatech.com/products/zvt.

About Optica Technologies Incorporated

Optica Technologies is a privately held corporation headquartered in Boulder, CO. The company is a recognized leader in delivering high-quality storage and connectivity solutions for the mainframe.  Optica’s products are installed in thousands of mainframe datacenters worldwide.

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Source: Optica Technologies Inc.