Opt for Child Custody Investigations in Orange Park to Claim Custody of Child

When it is about gaining the custody of a child, the decision has to be taken with a clear head and in the light of proof. There is one detective agency that can help find the facts so that gaining the custody of children can become easier.

​Fighting a child custody battle is hard for parents. But it is perhaps harder for the child to cope with the changing situations. It is not feasible to ask any questions to the child, and faced with the trauma of separation; and often parents too are unable to answer the grueling questions of an attorney. The decision of the court often depends on what information is accumulated from the investigations. All thanks to detective agencies like Buchanan Investigations, it is not hard to get hold of the facts and information that comes handy in giving the judgment. Buchanan Investigations is a full-service detective agency with an excellent track record of delivering fast and accurate information regarding child custody investigations in Orange Park, corporate investigations in St Augustine, background checks, missing persons and more. The detective agency employs state of the art technology for conducting nationwide record checks, as well as performing video surveillance.

Finding the correct information is very much necessary for bringing a rightful closure to the case. Once the investigators at Buchanan Investigations have gathered all the evidence, they will put it up for a review and evaluation before the Court of Law so that a decision can be reached. The judgment is crucial and needs to be taken in the best interest of the child. Apart from the gathered information by the investigators, individual parents are judged and interrogated before given the final custody. Investigators often deploy concealed video to document the behavior of the parents at home. This is a big evidence to be placed at the Court of Law and getting the rightful custody of the child.

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Buchanan Investigations is a full-service detective agency that carries out child custody investigations in Orange Park, corporate investigations, background checks and more.

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