Oprah's Ambassador of Hope & Bestselling Author, Marala Scott, wins Social Media's Best Parent for the Shorty Awards!

The Shorty Awards at The Times Center awarded Marala Scott for Social Media's Best Parent.

Seraph Books announces that the Shorty at The Times Center were packed with inspiration in many categories last night. Mother’s Day is coming up and Marala Scott is just right for advice on parenting or inspiration. The social media inspiration, Marala Scott and her children, Aaron Lamont Curry and Alyssa Curry took to the stage to receive the Shorty Award for Social Media’s Best Parent with their mother. Her daughter and son launched a campaign to bring awareness to the work their mother does on social media and it caught on, receiving incredible support, including notable celebrities. Marala shares positive words of encouragement throughout social media to inspire others to be their best, overcome adversity, and understand the consistency in being an example for children.

Marala is known as a Bestselling Author of inspirational works (In Our House, Surrounded By Inspiration, Intuition and more). She is a widely sought after ghostwriter, inspirational speaker and a staple for inspiring others daily, with her life-changing words that will make people believe that they can overcome anything as she did a few years ago having surgery for multiple brain aneurysms. Her children are an example of what she inspires people to accomplish with their children. Raising them as a single mother, Marala invested her heart and soul to teach core values and instill a life-long commitment of parenting.


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