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The model for connecting corporations with diverse suppliers has changed little over the past few decades. The cost and time required to attend national conferences and events got the Doorways team thinking about how suppliers, corporations, affiliates and supplier diversity professionals could connect more quickly and efficiently. Doorways™ is a subscription-based online community where all of these individuals can meet and develop meaningful, professional relationships, all without leaving the office.

“It really came down to talking with suppliers and corporations to learn where their concerns exist and then developing a solution to solve an industry problem,” said Nate Ghaim, Doorways president. “We live in the 21stcentury, with dynamic technological advances that can be leveraged to connect, educate and advocate faster.”

The Doorways platform includes company and supplier profiles, digital conferencing, messaging, meeting scheduling, supplier assessments, data storage lockers and more. All of which can be utilized anywhere, anytime. 

Data security is reinforced for subscribers via blockchain technology. “We knew when developing a platform such as Doorways, that data security was going to be paramount,” said Ghaim. “Suppliers and corporations share information that is pertinent to their business. We researched blockchain and discovered that this technology will be a valuable feature that can put the subscriber’s mind at ease.“

Doorways provides a significant benefit for small and diverse businesses who want to save not only money but also valuable time. Connecting with the use of technology allows opportunities to be shared much faster for a more comprehensive response to RFIs, RFPs and more. 

Doorways is expected to launch on Oct. 14, 2018, with multiple subscription levels for corporate subscribers and suppliers.

For more information, contact social@joindoorways.com.

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Doorways is an online community that helps to connect diverse suppliers with corporate buyers who are looking to make immediate, vetted connections with supply chain leads. Blockchain enabled.

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