Opportunity Knocks for This Smart Home Start-Up

Knocki is the first device to transform regular surfaces (walls, tables, doors) into virtual remote controls, aiming to advance smart technology from the "internet of Things" into the "internet of everything".

Smart home technology –  it’s spreading like wildfire to shopping lists, store shelves, and homes across the country.  Yet to many home owners, the technology is still too expensive, complex, and fragmented.  A daunting array of platforms compete for customer loyalty, locking them into proprietary hubs and closed eco-systems of switches, lights, and other devices. ​

One start-up Knocki, aims to make the promise of a smarter home more accessible to the masses.  Knocki gives users remote control of smart functions without special hubs or the walled garden of devices they control.   Taking an entirely novel approach, Knocki’s platform is, quite literally, a user’s existing home.   

Smart technology isn't actually smart if it doesn't feel natural. Our vision is to give people control of their world through the surfaces that already surround them.

Jake Boshernitzan, President

The low-cost wireless device attaches to any structure, transforming ordinary wood, drywall, and other materials of a home’s walls, table-tops, and doors into web-connected remote controls.   Unlike switches and buttons, Knocki provides interactivity without affecting a home’s appearance, enabling control of a multitude of smart functions using unique user-specified tap and knock patterns in the existing environment.

Knocki connects a growing array of smart-home devices and open platforms including IFTTT, Nest, Philips Hue, and Wemo, but also works out of the box to control smartphones, web services, and more.

Potential use cases are wide-ranging  - typical examples of use include double-tapping a table to activate a ring on a lost smartphone, getting a text-message when someone knocks the front-door, or turning lights on/off with a command on a nightstand’s surface.  And becauseKnocki uses non-acoustic accelerometer data instead of sound to detect gestures, random sounds won’t accidentally activate functions and multiple Knockis can be used in the same area of a home.

Knocki is an accelerator backed tech start-up and is currently taking pre-orders at Knocki.com.

Recently featured in A&M's "Today" http://today.tamu.edu/2015/07/10/58177/

Please contact Jake Boshernitzan at (281) 858-3890 with any questions.

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