OPOC.us Study: Most Small to Mid-Size Business Are Recruiting the Wrong Candidates

Recruiting new employees is a frustrating, time-consuming process. For small to mid-size businesses, it can also hamper growth as the leadership must redirect its already stretched resources for the search, interview, vetting, and offer process. With all of this investment, it would seem that small to mid-size employers would put all of their focus on making sure they recruit the right candidate so that they don’t find themselves starting the whole process again in three months. And yet, this is rarely the case. According to a recent OPOC.us Study, most small to mid-size businesses are recruiting the wrong candidates.

A workplace is an ecosystem-it’s a complicated, interconnected, and diverse network. Too often, hiring managers only look at the candidate to see if they have the experience and skills they feel are needed to fit into a specific role without considering how the candidate will fit into the larger environment. This often results in a candidate that looks excellent on-paper but then fails to thrive and sometimes poisons other areas of the work environment like an invasive species.

Instead, hiring managers balance their focus on technical skills with a focus on finding a candidate who has the Attitude and Gratitude Factor (AGF) and will work in harmony with the workplace ecosystem. It’s much easier to teach a new employee a software system than restructuring how they approach the workplace and co-workers. The importance of finding a cultural fit should rank just as high on the hiring manager’s list as the most crucial technical skills to avoid the never-ending recruitment cycle.

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