OpKey University Has Been Launched to Offer Advanced Automation Testing Training

OpKey University

OpKey has proudly announced that it has launched its online university which is named as "OpKey University". Providing more details about the university, the founder of OpKey University stated that the main objective of setting up OpKey University is to impart advanced virtual training in the domain of software testing. He further stated that OpKey University brings forth different courses of automation testing from beginner to advanced level for enthusiasts who want to pursue a career as software tester. Currently, OpKey University is offering four different automation testing courses. Students who are interested in joining these courses can enroll using the "Teachable" platform.

The founder of OpKey University stated that software testing is an important process without which no software release can happen. There will be ample career opportunities in test automation in the future. So, OpKey University will help aspirants to enhance their skills by learning test automation. As test automation has become a necessity due to frequent releases from the ERP vendors, OpKey helps enterprises to streamline their testing capabilities by delivering automation tools as well as knowledge to use those tools. The courses are specifically designed for beginners as well as professionals who want to learn and gain insights into automation testing.

Giving more details about the course content, OpKey's founder stated that all of the courses are curated by industry experts to offer comprehensive knowledge about OpKey's Keyword-Driven and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Framework for test automation of enterprise applications. Throughout this online test automation training students will be working on real-life industry use cases, he further added. On successful completion of the course, aspirants will be able to use OpKey test automation platform for testing globally recognized ERP solutions like Oracle. Apart from ERP test automation training, OpKey University is also offering Mobile App Testing using pCloudy.

Apart from automation testing training for beginners, OpKey University is also offering online training courses for professionals. These advanced training courses are purposefully designed for professionals working in software development companies. Leveraging these courses, development companies can coach their QA teams on how to handle different kinds of Software testing confrontations during their employment term. Test designers, user-acceptance testers, test engineers, testing analysts, and business users can join these courses to learn OpKey test automation tools as well as to get practical experience and knowledge of several fundamental software testing concepts.

To get enrolled in training courses of OpKey University is very simple. Since "OpKey University" is available at "Teachable" platform, aspirants need to get registered there. From the available courses at OpKey University, aspirants should enroll at the desired course. On the successful completion of the training, individuals will have improved technological understanding regarding test automation and become productive at the professional front. 

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