OpKey Launches Industry's First Test Automation Marketplace for ERP Testing

OpKey Marketplace Portal

 OpKey, the industry's leading test automation platform, has launched the industry's first portal called Marketplace for ERP test automation, which will be integrated with OpKey, where developers will be able to utilize the add-ons through the Marketplace at the OpKey portal. The Marketplace portal will comprise various add-ons for different ERPs like SAP, Salesforces, Oracle, Trackwise, etc., which will be uploaded by OpKey users and developers. These add-ons will be beneficial for users who can subscribe to the add-on and successfully use its features as per their requirements. It will be a trendsetter, as there is no other marketplace for add-ons for ERP test automation.

The portal comprises various categories of add-ons which are categorized as Top Rated, Top Liked, free and paid add-ons as well. The Workflow add-on represents the lifecycle of a process within an organization. Currently, the Marketplace has default workflows, however, the user can create a customized workflow according to the requirements of their project and modules.

The user will have to log in to the OpKey portal and can click on Manage Add-on to visit the Marketplace Portal. Else the user can directly login to the marketplace portal to use its features. The Marketplace is open for only OpKey users for now. 

OpKey Marketplace helps to find the add-on and associated services needed to innovate all in one place, simplifying user's business needs. Users can opt for automated testing solutions and offerings as per their requirements. They can sell, service, and market with pre-integrated apps on OpKey Marketplace. The Marketplace ensures the availability of applications and provides a good buyer interface with diligence and assurance. The interactive management console provides a clear roadmap to the entire automated testing solutions.

About OpKey

OpKey is the only continuous test automation platform supporting over 14+ ERP applications like SAP, Oracle, Workday, Salesforce, Trackwise, and many more. OpKey provides comprehensive, out-of-the-box, pre-built test accelerators with 10,000+ pre-built business processes across major business modules for these huge enterprise applications. With ai-powered change impact analysis and self-healing capabilities, OpKey is making a differentiating change into the digital transformation drive, helping customers achieve shorter release cycles and business assurance with seamless test maintenance as applications evolve. With an end-to-end platform support, OpKey accelerates automated enterprise application testing for SAP, Salesforce, Trackwise, Oracle, and many other popular ERPs so that your organization can innovate faster while reducing business risks.

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