OPENXTRA Release Improved Xsensior USB Temperature and Humidity Monitor

A new version of Xsensior, OPENXTRA's USB Temperature and Humidity Monitor offering improved user interface, graphing and alerting functions has been released today.

OPENXTRA, the UK based expert in server room environment monitoring has released a new version of Xsensior, a USB temperature and combined temperature/humidity monitor.

Following a consultation exercise with current users, Xsensior Lite now offers a greatly improved user interface and improved alert function.

During pre-release Beta testing 89% of respondents rated the new interface as good or excellent, with a similar percentage praising the new alert functions.

The new Xsensior Lite USB temperature and humidity monitors reflect OPENXTRA's mission to provide simple to use economical environment monitoring solutions so that even the smallest organisation can benefit from effective monitoring and alerting.

This means that whether you are the only person responsible for IT in a company or looking after multiple sites, you can easily ensure that the IT system is running in optimum conditions and that you will know the moment there's an environmental threat so that you can take action before it has an impact on your organisation.

Xsensior Lite USB Temperature and Humidity Monitors require zero network configuration and run as a service under Windows. The user can select the polling period depending on specific requirements.

Thresholds can be selected in a variety of temperature units eg centigrade, fahrenheit, Rankine and when these are breached and email alert can be received giving specific information on the location and environmental data.

This means that the user is able to respond to threats on remote sites or when they are away from the location. The ability to monitor and respond quickly to changes in any sensitive environment such as server or computer rooms potentially saves an organisation time and money by minimising risk of malfunction or downtime.

Xsensior Lite also allows for data export for example to Excel for further analysis and trending over time.

Both the Xsensior Lite USB Temperature and Combined Temperature/Humidity monitors are available as single monitors or as multiple packs.
The new version 2 Temperature Xsensior is now shipping from an amazing £49.95

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