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Lyryx announces the release of "Linear Algebra with Applications" (W. Keith Nicholson) as their latest open educational resource (OER).

Today marks the official release of the latest open educational resource (OER) from Lyryx Learning. W. Keith Nicholson’s Linear Algebra with Applications, a text published for many years by a traditional publisher, has now been released with an open license and is freely available to all.

OERs are educational materials that are open, freely accessible and can be fully used, shared, and adapted in the digital environment.

When asked why he opted to release his text under a Creative Commons license, Dr. Nicholson said, “The main goal of most publishers is profit, and the result has been a sales-driven business model as opposed to one driving student success. This results in frequent new editions of textbooks motivated largely to reduce the sale of used books rather than to update content quality. It also introduces copyright restrictions which stifle the creation and use of new pedagogical methods and materials. The overall result is high-cost textbooks which may not meet the evolving educational needs of instructors and students.”

He added that with OER, “The cost to students is significantly lower, and open licenses return content control to instructors. Through editable file formats and open licenses, OER can be developed, maintained, reviewed, edited, and improved by a variety of contributors. Instructors can now respond to curriculum change by revising and reordering material to create content that meets the needs of their students.”

Claude Laflamme, Founder and CEO of Lyryx Learning, says, “This isn’t the first traditionally published text Lyryx has released as an OER and we know it won’t be the last. The need for accessible, affordable and adaptable resources is enduring and we are excited to contribute to the increased adoption of OER at post-secondary institutions in Canada by providing such resources.”

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Lyryx Learning is an open educational resources (OER) company based in Calgary, Alberta that began in the Mathematics Department at the University of Calgary. Lyryx was established in 2000 and is supporting instructors across Canada by sustaining OER and developing adaptable, accessible and affordable resources for higher education. Lyryx provides quality OER and services including open texts, assessments, supplements and support in the subjects of Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting and Economics.

Lyryx offers a modern model strengthening open educational resources, providing excellent materials and services to students at an affordable price. We are advancing learning as champions of access to knowledge.

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