OpenEnvoy Partners With Cargo Chief to Offer Customers a New Way to Reduce Freight Spend and Monetize Their Carrier Rate Data

Today OpenEnvoy, a fintech startup, which provides automated invoice auditing, announced a strategic partnership with Cargo Chief. The partnership will provide customers with the option to monetize and/or participate in LaneMaster, an intelligent rating engine giving shippers and carriers access to current over-the-road truckload market pricing. 

"We're thrilled to partner with Cargo Chief. A big challenge our customers face is data control. There are many companies in the industry selling their data without even telling them" said Matthew Tillman, Co-Founder and CEO of OpenEnvoy. "This partnership will give our customers the option to monetize their data directly with Cargo Chief if they choose, putting them in charge of what happens with this information."

"Cargo Chief is delighted to add OpenEnvoy as a partner for our joint customers who want to benefit from LaneMaster, the first full truckload rating engine that shows users what others are paying for thousands of lanes," said Russ Jones, CEO of Cargo Chief.  

About Cargo Chief and Lanemaster

LaneMaster, hosted by Cargo Chief, is a modern consortium of freight brokers, carriers, shippers, TMSs and load processors that share anonymized transaction data. Members can also access reports that score Account Executives, CRs, Lanes, Shippers and Carriers to uncover opportunities to improve operations. For more information, visit or email

About OpenEnvoy

Open Envoy, founded in 2020, eliminates supplier fraud before it happens. Our invoice auditing solution automates costly finance workflows enabling the recovery of billions of dollars in wasted spending. OpenEnvoy supports customers around the world with offices in Nevada, California, and Singapore. To learn more, visit

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Source: OpenEnvoy