OpenBots Launches an RPA Developer Training Academy and Certification Program

Open Source RPA startup OpenBots has launched "Academy", an RPA developer training program that awards certifications to users after completion of the course and corresponding exam. In addition, OpenBots also released Version 1.2 of their Open Source RPA Platform. OpenBots was launched in November 2020 as a free enterprise-grade RPA automation product suite that includes Studio, Server, and Discovery tools. Their business model is based on Enterprise Support and other value-added, SaaS-based tools. 

The Academy features free training and certifications that include all the necessary course materials to build and run automations. Featuring course sections such as the essentials of RPA, developer tools and commands, how to use OpenBots Agent to run processes, automation scheduling queues, and more, this all-inclusive course prepares users for enterprise-grade automation creation and orchestration. After course completion, OpenBots also offers a Developer Certification Exam. The exam is comprised of 60 questions and requires an 80% passing score in a timed 45-minute session. Once certified, developers can share their academy diploma with peers across platforms and add OpenBots RPA to their resume. 

Version 1.2 of OpenBots Studio features the addition of a revised and updated Package Manager. With this update, command packages are no longer internal to the Studio and can be added or removed. The new Package Manager update also allows users to upload and install any additional commands needed throughout automation development. The official command packages will be hosted in OpenBots Gallery, and users can additionally install packages from NuGet or any other locally created feed. 

The OpenBots Agent v1.2 now provides the ability to execute Python projects and full processes via unattended bots. Users of the Agent tool can now specify the Automation Engine as Python when they upload projects to the Server, from there, these scripts can be downloaded onto the Agent, have their dependencies loaded using the provided requirements.txt, and executed. OpenBots has also added an unattended executions capability to the tool, enabling the Agent to utilize user-provided credentials to start an interactive setting on a connected virtual machine, allowing for completely unattended RPA execution. 

OpenBots Server v1.2, used for scheduling and running automations, now supports IP fencing to restrict accessing users to only specific IP ranges. Administrators can now designate endpoints for integration events to send to when applicable events occur within the Server. 

The release of OpenBots version 1.2 and OpenBots Academy, only a short six weeks after the company's initial launch, demonstrates the startup's spirit of constant innovation and solidifies its standards of providing the best and most widely accessible free and open source RPA tool on the market. "OpenBots is continuously improving its tools and developing new additions to the automation suite, with more features to be announced soon." said Ashish Nangla, OpenBots CTO.

OpenBots Version 1.2 and the Academy are now free to download and available for use. 

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Source: OpenBots Inc.

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