OpenBots Launches a Free & Open Source RPA Suite

On Nov. 3, 2020, the RPA automation world was introduced to a new player in the Open Source Automation game. After two years of research and product development, OpenBots Inc. launched the very first completely free and open source process automation tool suite that provides discovery, development, and bot orchestration capabilities to all users through its RPA Studio, Server, and Discovery software.

Ashish Nangla, the CTO of OpenBots, comes from an extensive IT and automation background and is a renowned subject matter expert in User Experience, AI, ML, RPA, and similar topics. Nangla believes that the RPA market was a natural fit for an open source model since, unlike other enterprise software, most commercial RPA software requires extensive implementation, maintenance, and support services on top of license costs. By some estimates, for every $1 spent on RPA software, almost $3 is spent on implementation and services. OpenBots Studio and Server offer enterprises flexibility to scale their RPA automation programs without an exponential increase in licensing costs.

"OpenBots is our attempt to fulfill a promise," said Nangla. "We want everyone to be able to create enterprise-grade simple to complex automations, very quickly, with little effort, and at very little cost. Our slogan 'Open Source Automation for All' explains our initiative very clearly. We want the democratization of automation and the widespread availability of the tools."

Spanning from discovery and development to scheduling and orchestration, all OpenBots tools are free and prioritize ease of use by developers and business users alike. While some automation tools claim to offer "free open source RPA" as well, orchestration and deployment of the processes built using their tool often come at a cost. OpenBots recognized this gap in the industry and created the first and only platform that offers free orchestration as well as development and other necessary functionalities.

OpenBots is built on a .NET framework in C#. The OpenBots team, which has years of experience in RPA Automation and Product Development, has been working diligently to make the software accessible to all. Users can now spend less time coding and more time building functional solutions on a robust, continuously improving framework. Built by developers for developers, the platform is an open source tool, so the active community and the ability to make changes to the tool based on individual needs is a beneficial functionality. Rather than waiting months for a new release or spending days in contact with support from out-of-the-box RPA suppliers, OpenBots has a dedicated in-house community team and an active public community available to assist users 24/7.

The newly launched suite includes products OpenBots Studio, Server, and Discovery. In addition to these tools, OpenBots will soon be adding a Gallery tool for shared pre-built automations, a Documents tool for ML and OCR model training, and a support program for automation monitoring, updating, and general IT.

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Source: OpenBots Inc.

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OpenBots is the first ever Zero Bot License RPA Company. OpenBots is a full-featured RPA platform designed to build & orchestrate enterprise automations at a fraction of the price of any platform on the market.

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