Open for Business: Toll Gas Announces Online Store

Toll Gas becomes one of the first local gas and welding supply companies to offer 24/7 online purchasing.

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Toll Gas & Welding Supply, the employee-owned industry leader in gas and welding supplies, is thrilled to announce the opening of their new online store. Known for 70 years as a provider of the latest in technological advances and problem solving know-how, Toll Gas is viewed as a trusted partner to their clients, assisting them in all aspects of their business needs. It is this reputation for cutting-edge automation and outstanding customer service that led Toll Gas to create their online store.

“The online store was born from the understanding that our clients are becoming increasingly mobile in their operations, and that the best way for us to respond to those changes is by providing the convenience and customization of an online store,” said Chuck Allard, President of Toll Gas.  “Toll Gas’s Online Store will provide all of the expansive selection of gas and welding supplies that our customers have come to expect from us, and will allow them to respond to quick turnaround times and deadlines in a much more efficient way.”

When Toll Gas began planning their online offering, they were conscientious to make sure the design was as user-friendly as possible, while also providing a comprehensive offering of their supplies and products. Teaming up with local digital marketing agency Cazarin Interactive was the key component to putting together an online store that was both functional and enjoyable. The store showcases all of Toll Gas’s goods and services with clean and simple browsing layouts to both simplify and enrich the user experience.

The store includes a helpful online engagement app to assist in answering customer questions and US shipping or in-store pick up options. Most importantly, the store is open for business 24/7, allowing you access to resolve your welding and gas issues whenever, wherever.

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