Onward Ops Foundation Provides Resources Critical to Effectively Bridge the Military-to-Civilian Transition

Foundation Supports Military Members With the Tools, Resources & Mentorship to Thrive After Uniformed Service

The Expiration Term of Service Sponsorship Program (ETS-SP), a national non-profit organization bridging the gap between military and civilian life through its flagship Onward Ops military transition support program, announces the establishment of the Onward Ops Foundation, a unique public charity created to support new Veterans and their families making the journey out of uniform and into civilian life.

Annually, nearly 200,000 service members transition into civilian life. Navigating relocation, employment, housing and medical care challenges can be overwhelming for many. The establishment of the Onward Ops Foundation is the next step in our evolution supporting service members. It offers a way for all Americans to play a meaningful part in enabling Veteran success in the next phase of their life, focusing on empowering success rather than treating all new Veterans as somehow broken. “Funds raised by the Onward Ops Foundation are used wholly to support our newest Veterans,” said John Hoffman, Director of the Onward Ops Foundation. “This foundation uses every dollar contributed to directly impact service members as they make an unnecessarily stressful transition back to civilian life. We are all about successful life outcomes measured one individual at a time.”

Working with major partners including Google, Department of Veterans Affairs, PenFed Foundation and USAA’s Face the Fight Foundation, Onward Ops has expanded its presence to all 50 states. Enrollments exceed 1,200 service members monthly and are projected to double this year. Supporting the Onward Ops Foundation provides individuals and corporations a tangible way to assist America’s newest Veterans, confident that 100% of their donations are providing tools, resources and mentorship to a new Veteran and their family.

“This is the only program that gets actively engaged with service members of all branches before they begin the process to reassimilate back into civilian life,” according to retired Lieutenant General Ken Tovo, Onward Ops Foundation board member. “Our model enables a proactive approach to eliminate stress and leverage benefits and resources on an individual basis. This leads to outstanding results and the ‘warm handoff’ the military is seeking, enabling great outcomes.”

“This foundation is absolutely cutting-edge,” added Joe Fields, CEO of Tencate Grass Americas and Onward Ops Foundation board member. “We have eliminated all the overhead costs normally associated with providing support services while fully leveraging the world-class services that our partners provide, including access to certified mentors and education, healthcare and employment resources as well as other support tailored for each individual as needed. And, we are able to do this for one dollar a day per service member."

Contributions to the Onward Ops Foundation are tax deductible and can be designated to either support a new Veteran and their family in the transition process or to provide emergency assistance to a new Veteran in need. Donors also decide whether their contributions will be applied nationally or in the destination state of their choosing.

To give back to transitioning service members and military spouses as a volunteer sponsor, visit OnwardOps.org. Communities can join our network via leadership@onwardops.org. For news and updates, follow @OnwardOps. For more, watch onwardops.org/posts/onward-ops-explained-in-2-minutes.

About Onward Ops Foundation:

The Onward Ops Foundation exists to support military members in their transition out of uniform and into life as Veterans. The Foundation is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and is a public charity. It is qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Section 2055, 2106 or 2522.

Source: Onward Ops Foundation

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The ETS Sponsorship Program, a non-profit organization actively partnering with Veterans Administration (VA), Department of Defense (DoD), and local communities, supports service members through the transition process from military to civilian life.

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