Onsite Launches Outpatient Services at Onsite Wellness House in Nashville

Onsite Wellness House brings the best of Onsite and Milestones to those in Nashville and surrounding areas while minimizing disruption to career and home responsibilities.

For over 45 years, Onsite has guided tens of thousands of people on the path to optimizing their lives and relationships through emotional health and wellness offerings at their beautiful retreat spaces in Tennessee and California, through online intensives and digital mental wellness master classes, and in board rooms and tour buses around the world. Now, with the addition of their beautifully curated new urban space, The Onsite Wellness House, the company hopes to extend its best-in-class support along the continuum of care, serving clients on an outpatient basis who hope to begin or continue their “work” without having to put their lives on hold. 

Onsite Wellness House will bring the best of Onsite and Milestones to those in Nashville and surrounding areas while minimizing disruption to career and home responsibilities. Onsite Wellness House’s Intensive Outpatient Program will provide a bespoke healing experience designed and facilitated by best-in-class mental health and trauma specialists. 

“With Onsite Wellness House, we can better support clients as they progress from our resources back into the normal rhythms of day-to-day life with the challenges and opportunities these transitions create. This also allows us to work with people on the front end who may need these new services over or before our existing offerings. Diversifying our socioeconomic reach with a more insurance-friendly offering helps fuel our social impact goals. We consider our alums a vital part of our environment and do our best to listen when they inquire about needed resources. After years of consistent feedback outlining the drop off in quality and the difficulty finding adequate outpatient programming, we decided to create what we feel is missing within our ecosystem with the same driving principles of quality, integrity, and healing hospitality that underscore our success and legacy,” said Miles Adcox, Chairman, and Proprietor. “I am excited to launch this new, important resource and can’t wait for you to experience what we’ve been creating.” 

Onsite has recently hired Hannah Phillips, LCSW, as the Clinical Director of Outpatient Services at Onsite Wellness House. Phillips has worked in Behavioral Health for over 10 years, facilitating direct client care and developing, leading, and supervising mental wellness programs. Her training in EMDR, Brainspotting, SomEx, and Family Reconstruction has guided her work with clients recovering from trauma and its effects, including addiction, co-dependency, anxiety, depression, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and relational issues. 

“Getting the opportunity to build this new offering is a dream come true,” said Phillips. “I am passionate about the power of group experiential therapy for growth and healing and have long respected Onsite and Milestones as an industry leader in this work.” 

Source: Onsite

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