Yashtimadhu (Licorice) - Natural Cure for Cough, Ulcers & Cholesterol

Yashtimadhu (Licorice) Himalaya herb is a herbal treatment on respiratory disorders, cough, Ulcers and Cholesterol control. It is also known as Glycyrrhiza Glabra or Liquorice. Roots are effective on Vata and Pitta.

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Herbal research institutes from India after studying herbal benefits of Yashtimadhu have confirmed that it can be useful in the treatment of ulcers, respiratory infections and cholesterol control. Glycyrrhizin, the main ingredient in Yashtimadhu has wide benefits in treating different gastrointestinal infections and especially hepatitis disease.

As per Ayurveda, Yashtimadhu is believed to give satisfaction and harmony and used from years to treat cough, headache and fever. Its root is found to be effective on Vata and Pitta. Ayurvedic consultants using it to cure bronchitis, premature graying of hair, wounds and skin diseases till date. Here the root of the plant is harvested to produce pure licorice. Same formula is now put forth by Himalaya Health Care in the form of 'Yashtimadhu' Himalaya.

A study carried out on the effectiveness of licorice states that it bears an antiulcer genic action very useful in the conditions like peptic ulcers. In case of gastric ulcers, mouth ulcers, duodenal ulcers one can go for licorice treatment. It is said to be effect in case of arthritis and joint paints.

Some early studies reported that, appropriate use of licorice helps to prevent bad cholesterol. LDL (Low density lipoproteins) which creates serious heart issues can be kept under control. Apart from this the free radicals which kill the cholesterol controlling blood tissues and take part in LDL oxidation can be neutralized by prior use of Yashtimadhu. This avoids high blood pressure, heart attacks and heart failures.

There are other stories of licorice as medicine for memory enhancement and age control as a rejuvenator. Few people use it as health supplement to increase muscle strength, bone strength and to get relief from abdominal colic.

Yashtimadhu from Himalaya healthcare is available in the form of tablets. It is clinically proven as safe to use by anyone as it is not known to have any side effects. But it should be taken under medical supervision and as per the prescribed dosage.