Online Storefront Launched by Essential Services Provider

A new commercial website has been launched offering phone, internet, wireless, security automation, television, and merchant services to homeowners and businesses in 24 countries. Leveraging the power of the internet and telecommunications/energy deregulation, customers are offered unprecedented convenience, choice and flexibility in acquiring these essential services.

Have you wished you could purchase ubiquitous and essential services like phone, internet or wireless plans, television services, security automation, gas and electricity, and merchant services with the ease and convenience of online books, entertainment, and other consumer items? Have you googled service providers trying to locate such services that can be purchased online? What if there was a central source that bypassed expensive marketing overhead and directly sold essential services in flexible plans benefiting from telecommunications and energy deregulation?

Welcome to the virtual marketplace. An independent business owner has launched an international storefront currently available in 24 countries and growing. Imagine buying the same services you already use, but with fixed-price plans sheltered from market volatility or bundled services that discount the price of individual utilities. Imagine buying your services in multiple countries from the same provider. Imagine referral programmes that provide your services for free if you find 5 or more new customers for the same service.

This new online storefront is a doorway to the world`s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and other essential services. A member of the Direct Selling Association, the Direct Selling Education Foundation and the Better Business Bureau, ACN has celebrated 23 years of success and growth. And, when a customer signs up for an ACN service or pays a monthly bill for their service a child is fed. Learn more about the new wave of virtual marketing made possible by today`s internet technology by visiting my site and exploring the many offerings found here:

About John Laws Essential Services

Direct seller of essential services through an online storefront. Offerings include phone, internet, wireless, television, gas, electricity, automation, security and merchant services for homes and businesses.

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