Online Music Education Platform, ArtistWorks, Reaches Landmark 50,000 Video Exchanges

​​ArtistWorks, the leading provider of interactive online music education, has reached a landmark 50,000 Video Exchanges on their platform. An innovative and patented approach to online education, the Video Exchange Learning® method allows students and teachers more personalized virtual interactions than ever before. Through this system, members at ArtistWorks can submit practice videos through the website for their instructor to review and provide feedback.

In all of ArtistWorks’ 30+ online music schools, students have employed Video Exchanges to ask questions, display improvements, and receive critical direction. Once a student submits a video, their video enters the Video Exchange Archive, allowing fellow students to watch and learn from it. The Video Exchange Archive is an ever growing library, encompassing thousands of topics.

"After having played music for so many years, I'm now able to pass on the knowledge I've accumulated over these years to guitar players all over the world." ​

Martin Taylor, Fingerstyle Guitar Teacher

Each ArtistWorks online school has varying numbers of Video Exchanges. Paul Gilbert, Rock Guitar Teacher, celebrated 5,000 Video Exchanges in 2017. In Paul’s words, “You can send in a video, and I watch it with my critical eye and critical ear. I figure out what you need to make playing more fun, and rock more!”

The Video Exchange Archive expands upon the many offerings in ArtistWorks music schools, including: Lessons, Study Materials, Self-Assessment Quizzes, and Community. Members connect with their learning community through direct messaging, Forums, and the homepage “Shout” board. Video Exchanges tie the engaged community to the invaluable instructors, creating an entirely unique and effective experience for students. As our Finger Style Guitar Instructor, Martin Taylor, put it: “After having played music for so many years, I’m now able to pass on the knowledge I’ve accumulated over these years to guitar players all over the world.”

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About ArtistWorks, Inc.

In 2008, former AOL executive technologist David Butler set out to finally master jazz guitar. With no acceptable teachers in his area, he built a revolutionary online system to enable anyone to get direct feedback from a master teacher anywhere in the world. Founded by David and former financial executive Patricia Butler, ArtistWorks is the leader in a new generation of online learning platforms. This patented Video Exchange® Learning platform enables world-renowned artists and musicians to “teach the world” by presenting their artistic legacy in the form of HD video lessons and direct feedback to subscribing students - creating an innovative, two-way online learning experience. For more information, visit



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Source: ArtistWorks Online Music Instruction

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