Online Craft Beer Marketplace and Direct-to-Consumer Platform Launching

Beer On-Demand - Online marketplace for buyers and sellers of craft beer / alcohol Direct-to-Consumer - (DTC). #bevvshop #DTCbeer

A new craft beer service is positioning to become the online destination for craft beer purchases., an online marketplace that is working directly with breweries could soon become consumers’ first choice when looking to purchase beers from both inside and outside their geographical region.

“The goal is to provide the consumer with direct access to beer that has been otherwise unobtainable without going to the physical location,” said company co-founder Travis Benoit. In addition to having a direct-to-consumer sales platform, has partnered with Postmates to afford on-demand delivery of craft beer and growlers at the click of a button.

"Bevv is doing what no other company has done within the craft alcohol industry - connecting imbibers directly with their favorite breweries."

David O'Hara, Co-founder

Bevv describes itself as ‘an online marketplace and community where beer lovers and beer makers can connect and share their passion for craft beer.’ And while a few other websites have attempted similar business models, none have been poised for the success Bevv is hoping to enjoy.

“The nice part is that by working with, the brewery is provided sales options direct-to-consumer well beyond what it would otherwise be provided through brick-and-mortar stores.  After all, there is limited shelf space for an ever-growing field of craft products. Breweries need an alternative outlet to meet demand,” said co-founder David O’Hara. Bevv is designed to suit the needs of all breweries, from tiny large.

O'Hara spent months researching each state's complex laws to ensure that Bevv operates within the confines of each state's legal framework. “Not many people have done this in the past because of the heavy burdens imposed by big dollar beer distributors and lobbyists,” he said.

“As the number of breweries increase in the U.S., shelf space is diminished and distributors’ portfolios are spread thin. Every SMB and brewery deserves the right to capitalize on its products and it’s time for change. Technology affords that opportunity,” explained Travis Benoit. is opening its Beta to breweries in VT, DC, NH, CA, and CO with the rest to follow suit in 2016. On-demand delivery will be available in additional cities with our partner, Postmates: Chicago, NYC, Miami, Raleigh, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, and more.

Please see Bevv’s FAQ for additional information about on-demand craft beer delivery:


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