ONIX Pickleball Announces Launch of New Paddles

Newly Released ONIX Family of Paddles Features Patented ThermoFused Technology

ONIX Pickleball, the pickleball manufacturer committed to you playing your best with the most technologically advanced equipment, is thrilled to announce its newest additions to the company's paddle lineup featuring an all-new patented technology.

The all-new Malice and the Mayhem pickleball paddles are the first to be released with the patented ThermoFused Technology. The patented ThermoFused Technology molds the pickleball paddle to exact specifications and provides ONIX a future product development platform that will continue to place it as a leading brand in the fast-growing sport of pickleball. Both the Malice and Mayhem paddles feature the all-new carbon-fiber Power Frame for greater strength, power, and better feel. The two Mayhem paddles offer maximum feel with a closed throat while the Malice offers more power and a faster swing speed with an open throat. The Malice DB is great for players that are looking for less vibration and more control with an open-throat paddle. 

"We are thrilled to announce the launch of the four new Malice Open Throat paddles and the two Mayhem paddles to our ONIX family of paddles," says Jay Simmons, ONIX Pickleball Product Manager. "The Malice lineup gives players control and touch they are looking for, while the Mayhem paddles provide maximum feel with a closed throat. Each new paddle features a patented technology exclusive to our brand."

The Malice family of paddles includes the Malice 14 and the Malice 16 Open Throat paddles, and the Malice 14 DB and Malice 16 DB Open Throat paddles. Each paddle delivers unmatched performance power along with industry-leading control and features a medium-weight composite face. 

Available in four different styles (14 mm for better control or 16 mm for maximum control), the Malice Open Throat also is offered in a double bridge (DB) version as well. The double bridge contains a polyurethane insert that helps reduce surface-vibration and increases power. All four of the Malice paddles feature a polypropylene honeycomb core insert for better touch, power, and pop in a medium-weight paddle (7.8-8.2 oz.). The Contoured Tennis Handle allows players to quickly adjust their grip based on their shot selection. The carbon-fiber Power Frame wraps the entire paddle, providing extra strength during the most rigorous pickleball play.

The Mayhem family of paddles includes the Mayhem 14 and the Mayhem 16 Composite Pickleball Paddle. Available in two different styles (14 mm for better control and 16 mm for maximum control), the Mayhem features the carbon-fiber Power Frame and a Contoured Tennis Handle filled with high-density foam to enhance comfort while reducing vibration. The Mayhem features a polypropylene honeycomb core insert for better touch, power, and pop. Experience the unmatched performance power in a medium-weight paddle weighing 7.8-8.2 oz. with a composite face.  

To learn more about our all-new pickleball paddles and to shop now, visit onixpickleball.com


ONIX is the leading manufacturer of all performance pickleball products such as paddles, balls, and accessories, and equips players with technologically advanced equipment that is proven to make the sport faster, more precise, and more strategic. Since the founding in 2005, ONIX Pickleball has dedicated its mission to growing and supporting the sport at a professional level. For more information on ONIX, its products, brands, instruction manuals, retailers, warranty, replacement parts or customer service, please call 1-800-467-1421 or visit onixpickleball.com.  


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Source: ONIX Pickleball