OneTeg, Powered by CyanGate, Closes the Loop on Product Data Syndication With Syndigo

Simplified Solution for Integration Between PIM, DAM, and Syndication with No-Code iPaaS Connector


 OneTeg, the easy-to-use integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution created by CyanGate, announced today the Syndigo Connector for end-to-end product data syndication. With this Connector, customers can effortlessly connect major Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) systems to Syndigo, simplifying the entire process from content creation to distribution to syndication. 

In the past, businesses had separate DAM, PIM, and syndication systems, making the technology setup complex and fragmented. Integrating these disconnected systems was often difficult and expensive. 

OneTeg's Connectors simplify integration by providing a user-friendly solution that doesn't require coding. It makes connecting, synchronizing, and managing solutions much easier. 

"OneTeg offers ready-made Connectors to top DAM and PIM vendors, making integrations simpler," said Bulent Dogan, founder of OneTeg. "Now, with the Syndigo Connector, we complete the process of sharing product data for omnichannel commerce. This speeds up and simplifies the delivery of relevant digital assets, content, and product information without the need for extensive integration work." 

Discover how OneTeg Connectors can streamline your solutions, improve customer experiences, and deliver value more quickly. Contact OneTeg for a demo or deep-dive into the Syndigo or other Connectors here

Source: CyanGate