OneSignal Hits New Milestone With Election News

Breaks Throughput Record and Delivers 4 Billion Push Notifications Daily

OneSignal's Server and Network Architecture

OneSignal, a leading customer engagement platform, set a new throughput record with their push notification service, delivering 850,000+ notifications per second on election day. That's more than twice the speed of the nearest competition.

OneSignal sends 4 billion push notifications per day, up 25% since September. OneSignal is used by 550,000+ developers and marketing teams including many Fortune 500 companies.

OneSignal is a technology company at its core. Our deep understanding and passion for building software and hardware enable us to provide unmatched speed, customization and reliability.

George Deglin

OneSignal CEO

On election day, push notifications played a critical role in determining where Americans got their news. A Neiman study showed that users who receive notifications are twice as engaged as compared to a control group.

Top news sites began adopting push notifications when Apple introduced them in 2009. Today, over half of U.S. smartphone users get news via push notifications.

OneSignal powers notifications for top news outlets in the U.S. and internationally. Over 150 million people get their news via OneSignal’s push notifications.

“News outlets require speed and reliability to deliver 'Breaking News,'" explained OneSignal’s CRO, Josh Wetzel. "The leaders in news are finding the best option is OneSignal.”

OneSignal’s Superior Infrastructure

OneSignal set a new throughput record using bleeding-edge hardware, a custom delivery engine and a highly optimized network infrastructure.

“OneSignal is a technology company at its core,” says George Deglin, OneSignal’s CEO. “Our deep understanding and passion for building software and hardware enable us to provide unmatched speed, customization and reliability.”

NVMe SSDs Hardware.  OneSignal’s dedicated database servers leverage NVMe SSDs, which provide read speeds of 5GB/second and 1,000,000 4k IOPS. The hardware makes OneSignal 500% faster than systems using traditional SSDs.

Rust Programming Language. OneSignal’s notification delivery stack is written in Rust, a blazingly fast systems programming language. Rust is designed to guarantee thread safety and prevent segfaults - this means OneSignal can ensure reliability for even the most demanding workloads.

Lightspeed Notification Delivery. For clients where delivery speed is mission-critical, OneSignal built Lightspeed technology. Notification delivery is parallelized across 32 threads and sent using an optimized network stack and hardware that is provisioned to handle high bursts of notification traffic.


OneSignal aims to power the world’s messages. The company was founded in 2014 by Y Combinator alums George Deglin and Long Vo. OneSignal is venture-backed by SignalFire and Rakuten Capital. The company is based in San Mateo -  

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