OneGoHub Will Transform the Way People Enjoy Their Nightlife in Boston

OneGoHub is a go-to app, that allows people to find different nightlife events in their neighborhood, and was released to the public on Aug. 16, 2017.


OneGoHub is a mobile app that gives users information about nightlife events in their area and is now available to the public on IOS and Android. On explaining why he developed the app, Andrade Crawford said, "I wanted to give people a chance to enjoy their nightlife, by giving them an option to visit different events out of the ordinary and to open users' eyes to Boston's thriving nightlife scene, and all that it has to offer."

Andrade’s story is both inspiring and encouraging. Despite coming from a low-income background, surviving a serious fall when he was three and a near expulsion due to low grades, Andrade has done what many would just dream of. He has developed an app that will transform the way people enjoy their nightlife. His determination to make a difference in peoples' lives inspired him to come up with the app.

The app is unique compared to other nightlife apps because it allows users to find nightlife events with music played by their favorite DJs. For example, users can find DJs in their area, follow them, and get push notifications to their phone when their favorite DJ has new events. This would show up on the app as the DJ's weekly schedule. Andrade told us, "It was very important when making the app to focus on the DJ who is often overlooked, but is a key contributor to the nightlife culture."

When making OneGoHub, Andrade and his team looked to solve one important problem they noticed involving nightlife. The problem was changing the way users find nightclubs or bar events that are going on in their neighborhood in a convenient, and user-friendly way. They realized convenience would be the best way. When using OneGoHub, users can find out what music will be played at different events, the dress code, cost of the event, and purchase a ticket to the event all in One Go.

OneGoHub provides this information in a detailed and specific way that the developers described as friendly. With this information, the users can make decisions on which event to attend in their area, without going on multiple platforms to find this information. OneGoHub will be available to adults who enjoy having fun in nightclubs and bars. According to Andrade, "The go-to app is different from anything else in the market. It caters to a niche market and is tailored to fit the user's needs."

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