OneGlobe Citizen Launches International Cultural Portal

Revolutionary Media Platform Invites Global Adventurers, Explorers, and Trendsetters to Revel in International Cultures.

OneGlobe Citizen is pleased to announce the launch of: Filled with original articles, photos, videos, and user-submitted content, OneGlobe Citizen provides a hip and contemporary look at what’s taking place around the world, highlighting the amazing commonalities as well as the beautiful differences that create the richness of human life and experience on our planet.

​OneGlobe Citizen began as a simple idea after a solo trip abroad, but it has turned into much more than a passion project for founder Brenden Dougherty. Over the past two years he has managed to amass a stunning editorial team as well as an extensive network of partner photographers, philanthropic organizations, and travel writers, all committed to sharing stories from across the world and from all walks of life.

“The people I’ve met while traveling abroad all cared deeply about other cultures and what it would be like to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day,” Dougherty says. “We all know that government and history books shape our knowledge about other parts of the world, but there is much more we can learn from sharing with each other as individuals. OneGlobe Citizen extends that person-to-person conversation.”

​OneGlobe Citizen is taking the world by storm as their new website filled with original content launches April 19, 2016, but the highlight of the OneGlobe Citizen platform is the way it facilitates connections between users all across the world. Upon joining, users can begin sharing insights into local experiences in food, culture, music, and more, offering travelers an expert’s perspective on any destination they might explore. All content is geo-tagged and categorized on a responsive map platform to provide a fully immersive and intimate look at who and what makes up different parts of the world.

“The OGC platform is all about people, telling their stories, bringing users into new experiences, and offering opportunities for people to better understand where they fit within the world as a whole,” says Steph Jurusz, Senior Editor at OneGlobe Citizen. “I’m thrilled by the opportunities for discovery, understanding, and connection that OneGlobe Citizen offers to users—it’s an important step forward in contributing to an inquisitive, informed, and socially-conscious global community.”

OneGlobe Citizen is a globally focused media company that aims to educate, empower and inspire visitors from around the world. Through vibrant photography and thought-provoking content, OneGlobe Citizen provides an edgy, contemporary look at what’s happening around the planet, providing cultural context and a unique perspective that not only gives the facts, but propels the conversation forward.  For more information, visit

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OneGlobe Citizen is a globally focused media company that aims to educate, empower and inspire visitors from around the world.

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