Onedesk Announces Online Platform for Securing and Managing COVID-Compliant Workplace Cleaning

Launches New Mobile Walkthrough App to Eliminate Cleaning Vendor Meetings

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Onedesk (, a digital portal for office managers to secure and manage services and supplies, today announced its Onedesk Office Cleaning Platform. The platform offers an online solution for selecting, booking, managing and paying for cleaning services. The company also launched its new Onedesk Mobile Walkthrough App to further automate the process of obtaining cleaning bids as companies prepare to reopen their offices.

The platform provides ongoing access to a network of local top-rated, licensed and insured cleaning providers who are familiar and compliant with CDC and EPA-recommended guidelines around COVID-19. All cleaners have completed the Onedesk six-step vetting process. The platform also includes a multiple quote feature to ensure a fair market rate by presenting several bids. 

Further speeding the process, the Onedesk Mobile Walkthrough app eliminates the need for office managers to schedule and attend traditional office visits with potential cleaners. The app guides managers as they upload brief videos of key workplace areas to the Onedesk Office Cleaning Platform and multiple bids are received within days.

“Eliminating face-to-face walkthroughs is particularly helpful in the current environment where office managers are grappling with the process of re-opening and office access is limited,” explains Roman Peysakhovich, CEO and Co-Founder of Onedesk. “The traditional vendor selection process can take weeks and includes multiple walkthroughs with different providers and a lot of back and forth. It’s tempting for companies to skip or abridge the process in a rush to return to the office, but picking the right vendor is more important than ever. Effective cleaning has become a critical business imperative in the new workplace reality.”

“We are using technology to ease the process of getting offices up and running while helping office managers keep an eye on the bottom line,” adds Daniel Ternyak, CTO and Co-Founder of Onedesk and a 2018 Thiel Fellow. “Our platform, in conjunction with our mobile walkthrough app, not only cuts the bidding process down from weeks to days it can also save companies significant money. Rates have shifted as a result of increased cleaning demand amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, and the only way to ensure fair market pricing is through multiple bids.” 

Users of the Onedesk Office Cleaning Platform receive one-on-one support through a Virtual Onedesk Assistant (VOA) who can answer any platform-related questions or other inquiries. VOAs can help develop a custom cleaning plan that meets unique client needs and offers the best value for the budget. Ongoing maintenance plans can be put in place and adjusted as necessary or individual services can be booked as required. A chat feature on the platform facilitates direct contact with on-site cleaners as needed. Services include general cleaning, deep cleaning, window cleaning, tile cleaning and carpet cleaning. Service quality is guaranteed by Onedesk.

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Onedesk is a digital portal that empowers office managers to outsource the requisition of services and supplies without losing control of the process. The company is building a suite of unique platforms and applications to simplify everything from securing and managing cleaning services to stocking the break room. The Onedesk Office Cleaning Platform is fully operational and allows office managers to select, book, manage and pay for cleaning services without leaving their desk. Eliminating the need for vendor meetings, multiple cleaning bids can be obtained quickly on the platform using the Onedesk Mobile Walkthrough app. The cleaning platform currently serves the following cities: Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Jersey City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis, St. Paul, Tampa, Atlanta. For more information, please visit

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